Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blog: #90days of blogging #Day12 What is happening in Grannys Korner Studio

Work in my Dylusion Journal a little sketching.

It sure is nice to have some time to work in the studio for a while this month.
Things have slowed down in my hectic life.  I am going away for the weekend not phone no internet no laptop. Just fun and games and wine, and food.  With my wonderful husband.

In a group I belong to has been talking about graphite pencil drawing, and I so want to learn to draw my designs I see in my head.  I have been sketching in my journal and these are what I done this week.  It is so much fun to sit in my easy chair and work with my pencil and journal, I was really surprised at the out come.

Grab your pencil and try drawing.  Follow my journey with my sketching.

Happy Crafting
Sharon D. Estes.

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  1. Have a great time, but I would be having internet withdrawals! lol