Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blog: #90 days of blogging #13 Pocket Letters

This was the a great challenge swap in my group Mixing It Up Everyday.
We swapped Pocket Letters with friends in the group.

What is a Pocket Letter You Ask? 
It is a number of ATC cards  size 3.5x2.5. You start with a card holder binder it can be any amount of pockets.  You make it a Theme ours was About Your Self.
There are many ways to set the front pockets up you can cut up Scrapbook paper to a complete theme page, you also can Gelli plate your cards, or paint your cards the ideas are endless. You Tube has a lot of videos on how to assemble your pocket letter. Inside the pockets you can add small little treasures for the person. and decorate the outside by adding small trinkets, ribbons, trims. 

I received my pocket letter this week from a dear friend Betty Holcomb, and the theme was Garden.  I will showing you in pictures the Pocket letter and how she put hers together for me, and it was just awesome and greatly appreciated.

My Gift of a Pocket Letter.

This was the back side of the package that it came it was all sticker and washi tape.  So cute.
These are all the goodies that were inside my pockets, Coffee, gummy worms, a cute scarecrow, Washi tape, gourd seeds, stamps a personnel note and much more.  

A great surprise inside the package Stickers.
The letter was wrapped up in the lovely Yellow Hand towel with my favorite blue birds. 
 OH My look at all the goodies on the side of  this letter. Baby clothers pins, a cute little birdie
and a bird house and love the beads, and a key.. So much creative fun with this letter.
Thanks Betty Holcomb...

Happy Creating,
Sharon Estes.


  1. I really like how Betty made the individual pieces from one big piece of art. Very nicely done!

    1. She did a great job for her first pocket letter thanks sandee for the comment.

  2. I am so glad you like it. I was so worried with it being my first one Sharon. It such a nice surprise seeing this, thank you
    The envelope was hand painted & not stickers by the way. :)
    Thanks for the compliment Sandee Setliff most appreciated.
    Betty Halcomb