Saturday, May 2, 2015

Blog: #90days of Blogging day #2 My Colored Pencil Art

Today is number 2 of my challenge of 90 days of blogging.  I am excited to share some of my love of colored pencils.  I have been doing colored pencils for about 5yrs off and on I am long way from getting past beginner.  I have been learning for a lot of different color pencils artist with their patterns, videos, and E-Classes online.  Thanks to all these artist for bringing this medium to us to learn.

I have also with permission from several artist to convert their design to colored pencils and this has given me a chance to learn color on my own.  I find this to a very relaxing medium and can be done anywhere in the studio, or in a comfortable chair in the livingroom while watching tv, or setting on the deck enjoying the great spring weather.

I use the prisim color pencils and love them.  I have some tips on using your pencils.

  1. When you first buy your pencils if you buy them single make sure the (leadcolor) is centered in the pencil.  If it is off center it will not sharpen correctly and keep breaking.  
  2. Try not to drop the pencils as the core color will break inside the pencil and will keep breaking when sharpened.  If you drop the pencils you can lay it in the Microwave for a few seconds and hope that it will melt the core color back together where broken.
  3. When you buy or use a new pencil that has not been sharpened I like to sharpen it in the electric pencil sharpener and then use a hand held pencil sharpener after that to keep a sharp point if needed there are times you will need a dull point.  Some artist I have seen sharpe
  4. n both ends of the pencil one to be very sharp and the other to be a dull point but that is up to your preference.   The pencil has a name and number on one end of the pencil and you may want to keep that visible so you know what you are using in your design.  
  5. Color charting is a good way to keep track of your pencils, I use a white color card stock and make a grid. Starting with a column for the pencil color gradation. and the second column for the pencil name and number.  This is the simplest way for me to see what colors I have and what colors  I need to purchase.
  6. Storage is a personal choice.  I sort mine by color family and put them in pint fruit jars and put in a large plastic tote and they are then very portable. and the extra items I use I put in a plastic pencil bag.
What supplies are important to have :   a hand held pencil sharper, a blending liquid pen (Prismcolor blender pens), or a wooden blending pencil, a good white eraser or the grey kneaded erasers, and there is a black eraser  for black paper.  I like to keep a white chalk pencil just for simple sketching and it can be wiped off with a soft brush.    Graphite tracing paper for transfer of you drawing on to paper if you do not draw your design on the paper with a colored pencil or a technical lead pencil for drawing.
These are three colored pencil  I have done .

Sharon Estes
Grannys Korner Studio.


  1. Wooohoooo for day #2 Sharon!! Love seeing your coloured pencil work! Your rose is gorgeous!

  2. very good things to know about colored pencils Sharon!! These things will echo in my head so that I am educated consumer! congrats on day 2

  3. You do such beautiful work with your pencils Sharon. I struggle with the colored pencils and the water color pencils. I think I'm just not patient enough to sit and Love your work!!

  4. Great info here Sharon. Your drawings are wonderful.

  5. Love #2 and will have to try that the next time I find a pencil breaking in my electric sharpener!

  6. Wow, you are very good!! I love all of them but if I had to pic of favorite, it would be Betty LOL. Great tips and colored pencils intimidate me also. I don't know why. I think because I don't have a blender pen so I can't get the blending done right. Great job!! I love it.