Friday, May 1, 2015

Blog: 90 Days of Blogging..Day 1 Berkeley Girls 50th reunion.

It has been a while since I been blogging and I have taken on a Challenge to do a blog a day for 90 days.  My blogs may not be about painting and crafting as I have a lot of other fun things going on in my life.

My first blog is a fun time in my life.  I have been out of school for almost 51 years.  In my early school years elementary to high school you make good friendships that last a long time.  I am happy to say I had a great time in March, when I was invited to the Berkelely Girls Reunion Lunch.

Some great memories of my best friend and a neighbor and all the girls lived in the same subdivision I did and we have recruited our friendship.

I walked into the restaurant and only recognized two of my dear friends and we all set and talked and looked at the yearbook and then it clicked who was who and where they lived in our small subdivision.  We all chatted about what was going on in our life now.  Some were widowed and several are in the creative world a painter and a scrapbooker, and a friend with a worm farm for her garden, and some were just retired and enjoy the good life of travel and fun with others of their age group.   They have been meeting for a while and I just joined, and two new members will be at the next group meeting.  

Good food was served and enjoyed this was a Salmon Salad and wine. It was Yummy.

This my best friend a girl could have and me and her sister ex-sister-in law. 
I am the young one in the Middle LOL at the age 70yrs.  
These were all neighbors in my childhood and we grew up and made it through high School with out to much troubles...LOL.
Sorry this so blurry had a glass of wine before the picture was taken. :)
I am with the great worm farm lady and my second best friend. 
This is my special group of friends that mean the world to me.

I hope you enjoyed seeing  a fun and friendships of my life..I feel blessed to have found and reunited with all these special ladies. 

Whew!! Day one down and now for day 2...see you tomorrow..
Happy Blogging
Sharon Estes
Grannys Korner Studio.   


  1. So glad you joined us on our #90daysofblogging Sharon.. Looks like you had an awesome time at your reunion..

    1. Sandy Beach Thank you for viewing and commenting on this blog and yes I am happy to join the fun.

  2. yeah, you are coming along for the ride. That is so great that you and your childhood friends keep up with one another and have get togethers. That is so special and you all look wonderful.

  3. Oh Sharon I'm so glad to see your photos and to hear of your fun HS Class gathering! Yes, there is life beyond art and it's fun to see it as well!! Good for you!!! ((((hugs)))) 😘💞

  4. Yayyy Sharon.. Happy you are joining us with #90daysofblogging. I love your stories and I am sure you have many more to share! :)

  5. You do such beautiful work with your pencils Sharon. I struggle with the colored pencils and the water color pencils. I think I'm just not patient enough to sit and Love your work!!