Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blog: #90 days of blogging. Day # 3 Lost your Mojo...???

Lost your MOJO...what can a designer/artist do to get this mojo back.
Mine is slipping away and I need to pull it back in to the studio. LOL.

I become overwhelmed some times with my want to do list.  It become a huge monster on the work table.  Mine is starting to grow it is a small baby monster now so I have to do some work on my Mojo.   What am I going to do to keep it under control...Well here is my list.

  1. I am going to go back to blogging making that a must each day.
  2. The best way to do is make a task list and mark off what is not important at this moment.  Do that task first and finish it completely that day.  If you need to talk to another artist friend to help you get thru the day got for it, or work where you are the happiest and make a special snack, or drink that you can set back and enjoy while you take a break and try to stay away from you todo list that day.  Make it a party day.  And finish...
  3. The next day go to that Task list and mark the important, and what can wait, maybe you do not need some of the tasks on your list.  
  4. Remember you are only one person and you can only do so much at a time. 
  5. Make a wish list and hang it next to the task list and look and see which one is the largest...
  6. I find if I clean my studio and see all the great stash I have wow my minds starts to churn... 
Now MOJO you are under control at Grannys Korner Studio...So I am on the upside of my Task list...I am doing my blog and headed into the studio.
Bye happy creating.
Sharon Estes
Grannys Korner Studio


  1. Cleaning the work space always helps me :)

    1. Yes It is a help for me. Thanks for the comment Sandee.

  2. Great post!!! I loose my mojo a lot. Maybe if I timed my time on the computor I could get more done. Great tips. you go Girl!!

    1. Thanks for you comment Donna, yes the Computer is a problem for a lot of us. LOL.

  3. Good for you! Here's to your mojo returning and your simply enjoying the journey wherever it may lead.

  4. My mojo doesn't seem to get lost - it is just plain exhausted by the end of the day and ME time...so I content myself with little tasks such as organizing one corner of my desk or one type of product, such as inkpads, paints, etc. Once I've made my way around my desk after a few days by taking it in little bits, I seem to have more energy to actually DO something.

  5. I get swallowed up by that same monster at times and it really does suck the life out of you. I did some organizing and cleaning last week and it helped.....for a few days....but that dang thing is growing again!!! Time to fumegate!

  6. I love the idea of removing unneeded tasks...haha I wanna cross off all the tasks and just keep the art projects on my list! I think my biggest problem is procrastination. I think if I could do something while I am procrastinating other things, I would at least get t that one thing done :)