Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blog: #90 days of blogging #9 day What is on your work table today.

Well i have be bad at keeping my daily blogs up but things have been not so well this past few days.  Life can be rough and painful for me so here I am today have a good day.
What have I done to day?  Cleaned and reset up my new little studio upstairs and now I have all my weeks projects ready to work on..Makes me happy..

I have finished my Dede Willingham's face of Amelia and Here she is:

Unfinished items are a lot:  but they are filed in order to be finished so I must get back to my studio and finish my projects..

Happy Creating
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Sharon Estes.


  1. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, hope you can get back to blogging again soon!

    1. Sandee thanks for the comment, and I am have some good days. It is not fun getting old and all the crazy things that happens to our body,,

  2. Sorry this is late and I hope you are feeling better. You did a WONDERFUL job on Amelia. I love it. You even did the freckles, I didn't do them. LOVE IT!!!

    1. I am better days Thanks for all the support on our blogging. Yes I love my pencils..