Saturday, May 16, 2015

Blog: #90 days of Blogging # 8 day... Rainy Saturday at Grannys Korner Studio...

Good morning from Granny's Korner Studio, it is a rainy Saturday Morning.
Trying to get caught up on the work on the desk and do some blogging today.  This artist lady really has a hard time staying ahead of things. Life and her chair gets in her way. LOL.  

I have been doing a lot new things on the computer, I am now following some great Ustream channels,  Dede Willingham, and Beth Shaw. They have become some favorite besides my regular Ustreams I follow already for years.
I am doing the colored pencil class from Dede. It is call Amellia, and I am at stage 3 the finishing stage.  Beth Shaw really intrigued me yesterday with the project I saw on making your own journals. This is on my to do list..

A little up date on my family life..Great-Grandma has to brag on her little 4yr old Landen.  He is graduating on Monday from head start.  I have a funny little story about his cap and gown and his teacher...Landen tried his cap and gown on the other day for a fitting and when finished this was his reply to his teacher. ""I am really glad for my hat, now I have finished school and I for sure will not be back ever.  I am Done!" boy does he have a shock coming in the next 13 yrs plus.
He keeps us laughing all the times with his funny responses.

Back to my Art.  I am posting two of my in progress colored pencil projects.

Stage one of Amelia from the class with Dede Willingham.
Stage two work still in process and the finished will be postedsoon so keep watching my Blog.

The next picture is a Stamp from Bloom Girls She is a Steampunk Stamp that I have started in journal and I am using colored pencils..What I am going to do with her is not decided yet.  The design will appear in my head soon I hope. lol

This is the end of the rainy day blog at Grannys Korner Studio...Watch for the Next #90days of blogging to come soon.
Happy Creating
Sharon Estes

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  1. You are doing an excellent job! I need to practice my shading like Dede is showing us, looks like you have it down pat already!