Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blog: #90 days of blogging #6 day blog What is your Style of Design?

Welcome to my day #6 of blogging. I have not been a great at keeping up my blogs but I have a commitment to do 90 days..I will accomplish this if it takes me longer than the other ladies..

Last night after I went to bed I could not sleep and my mind was going 100 miles a minute. I was thinking about art style and design and how mine has changed in the past 20 plus years. So I am going to talk about style change in my career as a artist/designer/crafter/shop owner.

What is my Style and has it changed?
This was a a challenge to me many years ago when I was in college and taking a Design one class and not taken any other college art classes. I just jumped in fell flat on my  I opened my design book and had not a clue of what they were talking decorative painting i had been doing was nothing like what I was about to learn.   What is Symmetric and Asymmetric, what is balanced design,  My head went spinning and I was not fond of the instructor as he did not think that my style of painting was art.  So I had a miserable semester but I passed and never to another art class in college..I decided I was not a student at the age of 50plus.   
So I had a style for a long time it was what I found in painting books and what I was taught by some great decorative painters , but it was not MY STYLE...this keep haunting me,  So I decided to open a Craft and Art store and I did a lot of great work and this is where I really learned about designing..We would get a lot of special order for banners and personal paintings, and floral arrangements and I had a great employee that really had a great design style she new just what was symmetric, and Asymmetric and balanced, ect. So my college course in design was making sense to me..and I was starting a floral design style and I loved it but I still didn't have a painting style..  In 1995 I closed the shop and just painted and started teaching color theory to children and I was learning more and more about style..but not my style..I tried a lot of different mediums in looking for my style in painting. I used acrylics, genesis  oils.  I choose Oils as my favorite medium so for a long time that is my medium style..  Then after a long illness I could not use the oils and I totally quit art work all together.  
Then in 2013, I found on facebook a new medium style..colored pencils, I could do them in my confined condition..I learned on my own by ordering books and patterns and found Jenelle Johnson and Ann Klullberg, and the colored pencil magazine, and learned from them with patterns and challenges, where we had to drawn and color a project and was judged on out original design ...This was finally my first real STYLE..Colored Pencils. I fell in love with them .
Thanks to Facebook again I found Kelly Hoernig's  Group. She had a class on Finding your Style..and this let me know I loved the pencils and birds and butterflies, and the Steampunk style of art.  I finally have my own design Style.
I am still playing with a different medium and it is Watercolors and finding I like doing this and still in the learning process..along with the mixed media craze now.  
I am now understanding what that college design professor was trying to teach me...Funny how our life revolves in a circle sometimes  and mine came counterclockwise.
I was born to break the art rules and not stay in the box, just jump in and go for it.  You have to try even if you fail, and sometimes we succeed right from the start but the most important thing is Never Give Up Your Style  will come.

I have now been chosen to be on the design team for Helmar, and this may just be the beginning of my dream at the age of 70.  
I want to Thank all the great people who have helped me get here.
Now I can finally go to sleep..and start Thursday with a new idea and make it work.

Happy creating and designing.
Keep trying and you will succeed.
Sharon Estes


  1. What a great story of how you got where you are right now... Love reading those kind of adventures. I have had no lessons except what I have gained on line. and I have to say at my age I can't believe that I am learning so much and having such a fun time. Thanks for sharing By the way love what you do.

  2. Born to break the art rules eh? You are such a rebel even at the age of 70! I love it and I want to be that way too! Glad you are on our Helmar team ♥

  3. Man o man you said a motuhful in this post Sharon.. I love listening and reading about you! You are such a fascinating person.. Thank you for sharing this part of you with us! Happy day 6 of 90.. :) xoxo

  4. Sharon, I to have yet to find my style. I just jump in also and try whatever I think I may like to make. I have not had a lot of colored pencil work or instruction on them but I like using them. Glad you found your style. Also, I agree with Tamiko, you are a very fascinating person.