Saturday, May 9, 2015

Blog: #90 days of Blogging, # 5 days. My Muses.

I have worked on a Class paint the 9 muses and it is drawing your Muse.
What is a Muse you ask?
It is a Noun, in Greek and Roman mythology each of the nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.
snyonyms:   inspiration, creative influence, stimulus, formal afflatus, "the poet muse.
a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. ""this is taken from the Muse on google definition""

I really enjoyed studying the Greek and Roman mythology in college, it is a very unreal but interesting subject for the creative mind to get lost into.

There are 9 muses goddesses who symbolized the arts and sciences.
The 9 muses are:

  • Calliope, was the muse of epic poetry
  • Clio was the muse of history
  • Erato was the muse of love poetry
  • Euterpe was the muse of music
  • Melpomene was the muse of tragedy
  • Polyhymnia was the muse of sacred poetry
  • Terpsichore  was the muse of dance
  • Thalia was the muse of comedy
  • Urania was the muse of astronomy
I have painted in a mixed media form most of the Muses and hope to share some with you if all works on this photo insert..I hope my muse of comedy is on my side today.

You have 3 of my works here the two lady Muses are Euterpe the muse of music I did it in 2 different style of work.  The bottom is a charcoal work of Clio, looking at a muse in the window Clio is the muse of History and this was done in the middle of a coffee table book.
I hope you enjoyed my world of Muses...

Happy Creating.
Sharon Estes


  1. How interesting, but where is the muse for drawing, or painting? That's the muse I need! I love your projects!

    1. Sandee. I need to find her for you .I know she is my studio some where.

  2. I love those, great drawing and coloring! Very interesting, even tho I don't think I pronounced them all correctly LOL.

    1. I had a hard time with the names. But they are very interesting.

    2. I had a hard time with the names. But they are very interesting.

  3. They look wonderful Sharon you did a wonderful job on these.. I have never thought about the different muses before thanks for telling me about them.

  4. These are awesome Sharon!! I won't even try to pronounce their names.....but I think they're beautiful, whoever the

  5. i love your drawings/painted images.. love the eyes the most