Saturday, May 30, 2015

Blog #90 day of Blogging #9day My Story in Pictures.

My Story in Pictures:

It is a rainy Saturday and I am setting here thinking what to blog next.  
A lot of people ask me how I learned to paint and I did that a few blogs back and I found some of my beginner acrylic pieces when I started as a Helping Hands artist with Decoart. 

My story in Pictures.

My very first piece in learning how to float this was a class I took in my Society of Decortative Painters many years ago ..

I have alway had a love the Rosemaling style of painting and spent a lot of time in Vesterhiem learning the traditional style of the great Norwegian painting. This is a small card box and my style of a strokes.  This was done in American Decoart Acrylics. 
This is a small basket with a wooden lid and handle, it is also done with the Decoart Americana Acrylic paints.   This was inspired from a Class I took at SDP from Debbie Cole .  It it painted in her style of dry brushing and glazing, I have done a lot of her style of painting in my classes.

This is a cute Snowflake patter from Behind the Vines book by Jamie Mills-Price.  It was one of my last works I did for my craft shows I did and sold in my craft shop. I painted a lot of Jamies patters for the craft show and resale in my store she was very popular and had some of the cutest patterns and to this day is still making them.

 As a Helping Hands Artist for Decoart, I did many style of painting and taught many classes and ladies and some men to paint.  I taught in Hobby Lobby when they first introduced a Lets Paint Program..   I am still in the program as I do have students come to my home and paint, and I am so happy I belong such a great program and been able to spread the word about the great Decoart Products. 

Happy Painting
Sharon Estes.

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  1. Oh I love these pieces Sharon!! i love that Norwegian folk art style of painting! When I see those antique hope chests decorated like this I just swoon! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!! 💖

    1. Dana, thank you for commenting on my art work. Yes I love that so much and my trip to learn from the real artist and visiting the museum was just awesome. It takes so much practice to learn but if you like go for it and practice.

  2. These are beautiful!! I love that you are teaching the young how to paint also. Is there anything you can't do? LOL

    1. Yes Donna there is somethings I cannot do, I can no longer sit on the floor and get up LOL...Thanks for the visit and I am enjoying the#90day blogging.

  3. How fun seeing the different works in different styles.

  4. Wonderful to see your progress, Sharon! You are a better artist for sharing your talents, my friend!