Saturday, January 24, 2015

Welcome 2015, I am so GRATEFUL, my word of the year.

Well January 2015 is almost over and it has been a very lazy month for me.  I have taken the month off to regroup from all of last years business.  

I am revamping my painting ventures and trying to get on a regular schedule with taking on some online Acrylic Classes,   Painting Acrylics,  I will have 13 classes for the year by 13 teachers and all year to finish it.  I am really rusty with my acrylic painting as I have been in mixed media the past 2 years.. I am still a Mixed Media Artist and Steampunk.  Just going back to my root of painting.
I have been an administrator of Creative Innovations Group and this takes up a lot of my time and is so much fun to be working with some great artist.

The second Group I have decided to concentrate on is the Guardian Angel Artist.
I have been a member for years in this great group but I dropped out when I quit painting and was taking a break from the art world for a few years... I rejoined this year and I would like to tell you a little about it.   It is a group of painters that paint angels and send them to comfort people that request an angel.  They are called Comforting Angel Artist, what we do is make a angel of our choice of design and mail them to the family/person needing comfort.
How do you request one of our angels?   It is very simple  go to this website and fill out the request form and everything is private and the artist are asigned names to send our angel the the request .  We now have about 65 Artist Angels now sending Angels.  If you are interested go to this website and as to be a Angel Artist. I hope we get some more angel artist this year .  It is a comfort to me to send my Angels each week.

In 2014 I took the online class offered by Kelly Hoernig on was called muse Merriment.  I will be sharing my muses this year on my blog. One each Month.

I am still Blogging with my Decoart Products and in 2015, I will be adding new Mixed Media products they have introduced to us.

 February, starts my new year and new word GRATEFUL, I have so much to be grateful for I have my health, my art, and most of all my Husband and Mother both survived heart attack in Oct. and Nov of 2014, and they are back to good health, I have a great support group on Facebook and Family and friends.

I have one more week of rest and preparing for 2015, Come back and see What Grannys Korner Studio is doing...

Happy  Painting
Sharon Estes,


  1. Looking forward to you blogging again and seeing your beautiful art!

    1. Thank you Sandee, I hope this year is a Art year for me. Thank you for the comment.

  2. So glad the link posted this time.. I will indeed be back to see what YOU are posting!! Love your word for the year.. you are RIGHT.. so much to be grateful for.. <3

  3. You are going to be one busy lady!!

  4. We need to see more of what you are doing...with pictures too! Sounds like you won't be bored in 2015!!