Thursday, October 8, 2015

Update On What is Going on at Grannys Korner Studio...

I know I have been so far behind on my blogging .  I have been busy with projects that need to be posted and helping my husband who has some health issues, and waiting on a brand new baby in our lives.  Noah Estes, we are waiting for him to arrive on November 2nd and he will be a great addition to our family, this will make me 4 great grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren...WoW family sure does take up our time, it is a never ending circle..Called the Circle of Life.
 That has you brought up to date on my life and now some of my work to show you.

This is a small canvas that I did with the new Decoart Mixed Media paints, and used a lot of my epheme  to decorate it in a steampunk style.  
This is a practice card on watercolor paper using the Decoart paint watered down to watercolor consistency.  These are fun and simple to make,

Now that is enough teasing for today and I will bring back more with my new fall designs .

Happy Crafting
Sharon Estes.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blog: #90 days of blogging #13 Pocket Letters

This was the a great challenge swap in my group Mixing It Up Everyday.
We swapped Pocket Letters with friends in the group.

What is a Pocket Letter You Ask? 
It is a number of ATC cards  size 3.5x2.5. You start with a card holder binder it can be any amount of pockets.  You make it a Theme ours was About Your Self.
There are many ways to set the front pockets up you can cut up Scrapbook paper to a complete theme page, you also can Gelli plate your cards, or paint your cards the ideas are endless. You Tube has a lot of videos on how to assemble your pocket letter. Inside the pockets you can add small little treasures for the person. and decorate the outside by adding small trinkets, ribbons, trims. 

I received my pocket letter this week from a dear friend Betty Holcomb, and the theme was Garden.  I will showing you in pictures the Pocket letter and how she put hers together for me, and it was just awesome and greatly appreciated.

My Gift of a Pocket Letter.

This was the back side of the package that it came it was all sticker and washi tape.  So cute.
These are all the goodies that were inside my pockets, Coffee, gummy worms, a cute scarecrow, Washi tape, gourd seeds, stamps a personnel note and much more.  

A great surprise inside the package Stickers.
The letter was wrapped up in the lovely Yellow Hand towel with my favorite blue birds. 
 OH My look at all the goodies on the side of  this letter. Baby clothers pins, a cute little birdie
and a bird house and love the beads, and a key.. So much creative fun with this letter.
Thanks Betty Holcomb...

Happy Creating,
Sharon Estes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blog: #90days of blogging #Day12 What is happening in Grannys Korner Studio

Work in my Dylusion Journal a little sketching.

It sure is nice to have some time to work in the studio for a while this month.
Things have slowed down in my hectic life.  I am going away for the weekend not phone no internet no laptop. Just fun and games and wine, and food.  With my wonderful husband.

In a group I belong to has been talking about graphite pencil drawing, and I so want to learn to draw my designs I see in my head.  I have been sketching in my journal and these are what I done this week.  It is so much fun to sit in my easy chair and work with my pencil and journal, I was really surprised at the out come.

Grab your pencil and try drawing.  Follow my journey with my sketching.

Happy Crafting
Sharon D. Estes.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Blog #90days of blogging, #11day The Travel Journal by Sandy Beach (Vicki) M

I have had a lot fun playing in the Travel Journal by Sandy Beach(Vicki) for Australia.  Vicki is a dear Facebook friend I met about 3yrs ago and we belong to a lot of groups together.  Mixing it up everyday group the journal was made by Vicki and started traveling around the United States, and Canada.
I am posting my page I did in the journal and it will be going to the state of Washington, and a pocket letter will be given to the friend who will do her page.
Pocket Letter Headed to Mary Kay in Washington.
My Journal Page.
Happy crafting
Sharon Estes.

Blog Mini Watercolor journal #90days blogging # day 10

Why I have been MIA, on the 90 day blog.. The Month of June has been very busy for me It is my Birthday Month and Mom has had a lot of doctor appointments and at the age of 91, she needs me to take her and talk to doctors.
I have been working in the studio and will be blogging some of the projects I have done. So keep coming back for more great art.

This is a Little Watercolor Journal, I did for Helmar Glue and the complete instructions are here on this blog. 

Step 1. I used chipboard for 
and with the Helmar Decopauge Paste I added the scrapbook paper on the inside and outside of the back cover and the inside of the front cover.
 Step2. I picked out my Creative Embellishments in a collection of gears and butterfly, they are chip board and they were gesso and then I used Deco Art Mixed media acrylic and I made a spray by diluting the paint and putting in a mister bottle. I then sprayed the chipboard embellishments.
 Step 3. the front cover was made with a new stencil from decoar and the mixed media crackled paste when that was dryed, I used a stamp from my stash collection. Then I painted the crackle with the mixed media fluid acrylic and wiped with a baby wipe. and the center was painted with the mixed media fluid acrylic and wiped down with a baby wipe.  When dried it was covered with the decoupage paste from Helmar.  This gave it a look of cracked leather. Holes were then drilled thru the heavy chipboard front and back and was ready to assemble.

 Step 4, I cut watecolor paper the size to fit into the journal and punched holes to match the cover. and used a piece of yarn and weaved through the holes.
 Step 5 and final step: adding the embellishments on the front of the cover and I used the Butterfly and gears.
What a great little 4x6" travel journal with watercolor paper or paper of your choice. Enjoy your little journal as you travel outside to paint.

Happy crafting
Sharon Estes

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Blog #90 day of Blogging #9day My Story in Pictures.

My Story in Pictures:

It is a rainy Saturday and I am setting here thinking what to blog next.  
A lot of people ask me how I learned to paint and I did that a few blogs back and I found some of my beginner acrylic pieces when I started as a Helping Hands artist with Decoart. 

My story in Pictures.

My very first piece in learning how to float this was a class I took in my Society of Decortative Painters many years ago ..

I have alway had a love the Rosemaling style of painting and spent a lot of time in Vesterhiem learning the traditional style of the great Norwegian painting. This is a small card box and my style of a strokes.  This was done in American Decoart Acrylics. 
This is a small basket with a wooden lid and handle, it is also done with the Decoart Americana Acrylic paints.   This was inspired from a Class I took at SDP from Debbie Cole .  It it painted in her style of dry brushing and glazing, I have done a lot of her style of painting in my classes.

This is a cute Snowflake patter from Behind the Vines book by Jamie Mills-Price.  It was one of my last works I did for my craft shows I did and sold in my craft shop. I painted a lot of Jamies patters for the craft show and resale in my store she was very popular and had some of the cutest patterns and to this day is still making them.

 As a Helping Hands Artist for Decoart, I did many style of painting and taught many classes and ladies and some men to paint.  I taught in Hobby Lobby when they first introduced a Lets Paint Program..   I am still in the program as I do have students come to my home and paint, and I am so happy I belong such a great program and been able to spread the word about the great Decoart Products. 

Happy Painting
Sharon Estes.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blog: #90 days of blogging #9 day What is on your work table today.

Well i have be bad at keeping my daily blogs up but things have been not so well this past few days.  Life can be rough and painful for me so here I am today have a good day.
What have I done to day?  Cleaned and reset up my new little studio upstairs and now I have all my weeks projects ready to work on..Makes me happy..

I have finished my Dede Willingham's face of Amelia and Here she is:

Unfinished items are a lot:  but they are filed in order to be finished so I must get back to my studio and finish my projects..

Happy Creating
you can now follow me on Twitter and Instagram.
Sharon Estes.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Blog: #90 days of Blogging # 8 day... Rainy Saturday at Grannys Korner Studio...

Good morning from Granny's Korner Studio, it is a rainy Saturday Morning.
Trying to get caught up on the work on the desk and do some blogging today.  This artist lady really has a hard time staying ahead of things. Life and her chair gets in her way. LOL.  

I have been doing a lot new things on the computer, I am now following some great Ustream channels,  Dede Willingham, and Beth Shaw. They have become some favorite besides my regular Ustreams I follow already for years.
I am doing the colored pencil class from Dede. It is call Amellia, and I am at stage 3 the finishing stage.  Beth Shaw really intrigued me yesterday with the project I saw on making your own journals. This is on my to do list..

A little up date on my family life..Great-Grandma has to brag on her little 4yr old Landen.  He is graduating on Monday from head start.  I have a funny little story about his cap and gown and his teacher...Landen tried his cap and gown on the other day for a fitting and when finished this was his reply to his teacher. ""I am really glad for my hat, now I have finished school and I for sure will not be back ever.  I am Done!" boy does he have a shock coming in the next 13 yrs plus.
He keeps us laughing all the times with his funny responses.

Back to my Art.  I am posting two of my in progress colored pencil projects.

Stage one of Amelia from the class with Dede Willingham.
Stage two work still in process and the finished will be postedsoon so keep watching my Blog.

The next picture is a Stamp from Bloom Girls She is a Steampunk Stamp that I have started in journal and I am using colored pencils..What I am going to do with her is not decided yet.  The design will appear in my head soon I hope. lol

This is the end of the rainy day blog at Grannys Korner Studio...Watch for the Next #90days of blogging to come soon.
Happy Creating
Sharon Estes

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blog: #90 days of blogging #6 day blog What is your Style of Design?

Welcome to my day #6 of blogging. I have not been a great at keeping up my blogs but I have a commitment to do 90 days..I will accomplish this if it takes me longer than the other ladies..

Last night after I went to bed I could not sleep and my mind was going 100 miles a minute. I was thinking about art style and design and how mine has changed in the past 20 plus years. So I am going to talk about style change in my career as a artist/designer/crafter/shop owner.

What is my Style and has it changed?
This was a a challenge to me many years ago when I was in college and taking a Design one class and not taken any other college art classes. I just jumped in fell flat on my  I opened my design book and had not a clue of what they were talking decorative painting i had been doing was nothing like what I was about to learn.   What is Symmetric and Asymmetric, what is balanced design,  My head went spinning and I was not fond of the instructor as he did not think that my style of painting was art.  So I had a miserable semester but I passed and never to another art class in college..I decided I was not a student at the age of 50plus.   
So I had a style for a long time it was what I found in painting books and what I was taught by some great decorative painters , but it was not MY STYLE...this keep haunting me,  So I decided to open a Craft and Art store and I did a lot of great work and this is where I really learned about designing..We would get a lot of special order for banners and personal paintings, and floral arrangements and I had a great employee that really had a great design style she new just what was symmetric, and Asymmetric and balanced, ect. So my college course in design was making sense to me..and I was starting a floral design style and I loved it but I still didn't have a painting style..  In 1995 I closed the shop and just painted and started teaching color theory to children and I was learning more and more about style..but not my style..I tried a lot of different mediums in looking for my style in painting. I used acrylics, genesis  oils.  I choose Oils as my favorite medium so for a long time that is my medium style..  Then after a long illness I could not use the oils and I totally quit art work all together.  
Then in 2013, I found on facebook a new medium style..colored pencils, I could do them in my confined condition..I learned on my own by ordering books and patterns and found Jenelle Johnson and Ann Klullberg, and the colored pencil magazine, and learned from them with patterns and challenges, where we had to drawn and color a project and was judged on out original design ...This was finally my first real STYLE..Colored Pencils. I fell in love with them .
Thanks to Facebook again I found Kelly Hoernig's  Group. She had a class on Finding your Style..and this let me know I loved the pencils and birds and butterflies, and the Steampunk style of art.  I finally have my own design Style.
I am still playing with a different medium and it is Watercolors and finding I like doing this and still in the learning process..along with the mixed media craze now.  
I am now understanding what that college design professor was trying to teach me...Funny how our life revolves in a circle sometimes  and mine came counterclockwise.
I was born to break the art rules and not stay in the box, just jump in and go for it.  You have to try even if you fail, and sometimes we succeed right from the start but the most important thing is Never Give Up Your Style  will come.

I have now been chosen to be on the design team for Helmar, and this may just be the beginning of my dream at the age of 70.  
I want to Thank all the great people who have helped me get here.
Now I can finally go to sleep..and start Thursday with a new idea and make it work.

Happy creating and designing.
Keep trying and you will succeed.
Sharon Estes

Monday, May 11, 2015

Blog: #90 days of blogging. #6 Day... Happy Mothers Day

I am late at wishing everyone a Happy Mothers Day.  I hope everyone had a great one.  I had a fun time with my Mom age 91, and free and feisty, We had dinner at the Anvil in Ste. Genevieve, Mo. My brother and sister in law and hubby were there it was a great Saturday night of wine and food.
Sunday I got to spend my day in the studio playing, I finished a project and posted it on my group Mixing it up everyday.  It is a May challenge, in water color.  I also watched my colored pencil class with Golda Radar..It is going to be awesome is a great teacher very indepth and I am hoping to learn proper colored pencil technique.

Sunday Night we had a terrible thunder storm. No Sleep..Made for a tired Monday...Ugh.

It is Monday and I just streaming with Dede Willingham, we are learning to use a grid to draw faces to do in colored pencils, it is free class instruction, she will be on next Monday Morning with the face ready to color.
I am off to try and work in Studio or May just take a Nap..LOL..
Until tomorrow...bye.

Happy Creating
Sharon Estes

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Blog: #90 days of Blogging, # 5 days. My Muses.

I have worked on a Class paint the 9 muses and it is drawing your Muse.
What is a Muse you ask?
It is a Noun, in Greek and Roman mythology each of the nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.
snyonyms:   inspiration, creative influence, stimulus, formal afflatus, "the poet muse.
a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. ""this is taken from the Muse on google definition""

I really enjoyed studying the Greek and Roman mythology in college, it is a very unreal but interesting subject for the creative mind to get lost into.

There are 9 muses goddesses who symbolized the arts and sciences.
The 9 muses are:

  • Calliope, was the muse of epic poetry
  • Clio was the muse of history
  • Erato was the muse of love poetry
  • Euterpe was the muse of music
  • Melpomene was the muse of tragedy
  • Polyhymnia was the muse of sacred poetry
  • Terpsichore  was the muse of dance
  • Thalia was the muse of comedy
  • Urania was the muse of astronomy
I have painted in a mixed media form most of the Muses and hope to share some with you if all works on this photo insert..I hope my muse of comedy is on my side today.

You have 3 of my works here the two lady Muses are Euterpe the muse of music I did it in 2 different style of work.  The bottom is a charcoal work of Clio, looking at a muse in the window Clio is the muse of History and this was done in the middle of a coffee table book.
I hope you enjoyed my world of Muses...

Happy Creating.
Sharon Estes

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Blog: #90 days of Blogging #4 Happy Hump Day. Whats on you work table today.

Welcome to Hump Day.  What is on you work table today?  Mine is full of unfinished todos this week.  I have been slacking off of my duties as my life is been busy.  I though retirement meant a lot of my time...No it is about OUR time.

This is my time..Morning Coffee Time...So I am going to do a short blog today as my Studio is calling me and this is my day...Whoopie...

Here is a sneak peek of what my table hold for me to do;
Playing with my NeoColors II  love the splatter of the brush and the crayon. This is for my group Challenge Mixing it up every Day.
Thank to DeDe Willingham, for this free class in working on a portrait this is Amellia, and I have just started her. 
Watch for my Helmar Blog to come out Next  week this is a peek of the a little purse that is made from a reed weave.  Love to Glue ...

Have a fun Hump Day...
Enjoy Creating
and visit my friends Blogs.
Sharon Estes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blog: #90 days of blogging. Day # 3 Lost your Mojo...???

Lost your MOJO...what can a designer/artist do to get this mojo back.
Mine is slipping away and I need to pull it back in to the studio. LOL.

I become overwhelmed some times with my want to do list.  It become a huge monster on the work table.  Mine is starting to grow it is a small baby monster now so I have to do some work on my Mojo.   What am I going to do to keep it under control...Well here is my list.

  1. I am going to go back to blogging making that a must each day.
  2. The best way to do is make a task list and mark off what is not important at this moment.  Do that task first and finish it completely that day.  If you need to talk to another artist friend to help you get thru the day got for it, or work where you are the happiest and make a special snack, or drink that you can set back and enjoy while you take a break and try to stay away from you todo list that day.  Make it a party day.  And finish...
  3. The next day go to that Task list and mark the important, and what can wait, maybe you do not need some of the tasks on your list.  
  4. Remember you are only one person and you can only do so much at a time. 
  5. Make a wish list and hang it next to the task list and look and see which one is the largest...
  6. I find if I clean my studio and see all the great stash I have wow my minds starts to churn... 
Now MOJO you are under control at Grannys Korner Studio...So I am on the upside of my Task list...I am doing my blog and headed into the studio.
Bye happy creating.
Sharon Estes
Grannys Korner Studio

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Blog: #90days of Blogging day #2 My Colored Pencil Art

Today is number 2 of my challenge of 90 days of blogging.  I am excited to share some of my love of colored pencils.  I have been doing colored pencils for about 5yrs off and on I am long way from getting past beginner.  I have been learning for a lot of different color pencils artist with their patterns, videos, and E-Classes online.  Thanks to all these artist for bringing this medium to us to learn.

I have also with permission from several artist to convert their design to colored pencils and this has given me a chance to learn color on my own.  I find this to a very relaxing medium and can be done anywhere in the studio, or in a comfortable chair in the livingroom while watching tv, or setting on the deck enjoying the great spring weather.

I use the prisim color pencils and love them.  I have some tips on using your pencils.

  1. When you first buy your pencils if you buy them single make sure the (leadcolor) is centered in the pencil.  If it is off center it will not sharpen correctly and keep breaking.  
  2. Try not to drop the pencils as the core color will break inside the pencil and will keep breaking when sharpened.  If you drop the pencils you can lay it in the Microwave for a few seconds and hope that it will melt the core color back together where broken.
  3. When you buy or use a new pencil that has not been sharpened I like to sharpen it in the electric pencil sharpener and then use a hand held pencil sharpener after that to keep a sharp point if needed there are times you will need a dull point.  Some artist I have seen sharpe
  4. n both ends of the pencil one to be very sharp and the other to be a dull point but that is up to your preference.   The pencil has a name and number on one end of the pencil and you may want to keep that visible so you know what you are using in your design.  
  5. Color charting is a good way to keep track of your pencils, I use a white color card stock and make a grid. Starting with a column for the pencil color gradation. and the second column for the pencil name and number.  This is the simplest way for me to see what colors I have and what colors  I need to purchase.
  6. Storage is a personal choice.  I sort mine by color family and put them in pint fruit jars and put in a large plastic tote and they are then very portable. and the extra items I use I put in a plastic pencil bag.
What supplies are important to have :   a hand held pencil sharper, a blending liquid pen (Prismcolor blender pens), or a wooden blending pencil, a good white eraser or the grey kneaded erasers, and there is a black eraser  for black paper.  I like to keep a white chalk pencil just for simple sketching and it can be wiped off with a soft brush.    Graphite tracing paper for transfer of you drawing on to paper if you do not draw your design on the paper with a colored pencil or a technical lead pencil for drawing.
These are three colored pencil  I have done .

Sharon Estes
Grannys Korner Studio.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Blog: 90 Days of Blogging..Day 1 Berkeley Girls 50th reunion.

It has been a while since I been blogging and I have taken on a Challenge to do a blog a day for 90 days.  My blogs may not be about painting and crafting as I have a lot of other fun things going on in my life.

My first blog is a fun time in my life.  I have been out of school for almost 51 years.  In my early school years elementary to high school you make good friendships that last a long time.  I am happy to say I had a great time in March, when I was invited to the Berkelely Girls Reunion Lunch.

Some great memories of my best friend and a neighbor and all the girls lived in the same subdivision I did and we have recruited our friendship.

I walked into the restaurant and only recognized two of my dear friends and we all set and talked and looked at the yearbook and then it clicked who was who and where they lived in our small subdivision.  We all chatted about what was going on in our life now.  Some were widowed and several are in the creative world a painter and a scrapbooker, and a friend with a worm farm for her garden, and some were just retired and enjoy the good life of travel and fun with others of their age group.   They have been meeting for a while and I just joined, and two new members will be at the next group meeting.  

Good food was served and enjoyed this was a Salmon Salad and wine. It was Yummy.

This my best friend a girl could have and me and her sister ex-sister-in law. 
I am the young one in the Middle LOL at the age 70yrs.  
These were all neighbors in my childhood and we grew up and made it through high School with out to much troubles...LOL.
Sorry this so blurry had a glass of wine before the picture was taken. :)
I am with the great worm farm lady and my second best friend. 
This is my special group of friends that mean the world to me.

I hope you enjoyed seeing  a fun and friendships of my life..I feel blessed to have found and reunited with all these special ladies. 

Whew!! Day one down and now for day 2...see you tomorrow..
Happy Blogging
Sharon Estes
Grannys Korner Studio.   

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blog: Feburary What Happen At Grannys Korner.

The end of Feburary already and Granny's Korner has not accomplished much as I took off the month to regenerate to get ready for March and all the new things going on in the Studio.  Class will resume as soon a the weather is warmer and we can return to the main studio.
I have moved to a small room on my main floor where is warm and cozy and this is where I will be working on my cards and Mixed media projects.
I am having a hard time adjusting to a small area, but sure donot miss those steps and the cold and dark.

What is on my Work Table Now.
A Class project for a online class Purely Acrylics, I am work on a butterfly by Kelly Hoering, here is a peek ::

 The second online class I am doing is by Joanne Sharpe it is a Lettering Class in a year long journal.  Each month we have a theme. I have not really gotten into this one yet. It is called Artfully Inspired 2015.  I can give you a sneek peek of what is on the work in progress.

I have gotten all my Mixed Media Products from Decoart so there will be a lot of blogging about these great new products, No picture yet still boxed up.  

I will also be on the Design Team for Helmar Glue, this year that will exciting as this is my first real team design program except for Decoart.  Cannot wait to get my first box of Glue products and start working on their projects. 

I will also be doing something with Instagram soon. I will keep you  posted. 
Looking forward to the rest of the year creating.

Stay in touch with Grannys Korner Studio on facebook and it will have all my updates and what is happening in the Art world.

Stay warm and safe.
God Bless
Sharon Estes   AKA  Shadee66

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Blog: Just Contemplating

Grannys Korner is busy again with some interesting work going on in the studio.
Febuary is a month of Birthdays and Valentines and a lot of swaps.  I have been making cards for the great grand kids birthdays. Swap tag/Atc for valentines day for Mixing it up everyday I am the Hostess this month,   Painting Creations we are doing ATC cards of a victorian Valentine swap.

I have been chosen by ClearPrint Vellum to do a project in their traveling Journal that will be a new experience. The project will be posted on their facebook page.  So I am waiting for that to arrive.

My Mixed Media paint came for my Canvas Blogs for using the products for DecoArt. Really getting excited to start that I will be using the Stampendous Stamps I won, I received a gift card and I am using the new Andy Skinner Steampunk stamps. 

What has just came off the Work Table this Week.

I was working on a new mixed media canvas and it is called  


Step 1.   I Gessoed the canvas and then I decoupaged a old torn page from a old German dictionary, and used a piece of Charcoal to draw in the face outline.
 Step 2: I used a  paper mask to cover the area I did not want my background colors to get onto it. I then used orange, turquoise, and yellow on the back ground with American acrylic paints and brushed on and used a baby wipe to put the first layer of paint on. Dried.
Step 3: I used my lindys sprays and the splatter to do the background for texture there is a gold sparkle in the spray and it does not show up on the picture but has a bring sparkle in the sunlight.
Stage 4: I then added the features of the face and based coated them in that is the picture below.

Step5:  I used flesh acrylic paint and turquoise for the eyes and red for the lips and warm white for the highlight and lamp black for the hair.

Step 6: the finishing of the  canvas, I deepen the face with a charcoal stick and did some more coloring and finishing the edges of the sides of canvas. This was the first face I have done on my own drawing and painting.  

The journey awakens the soul.
Just contemplating on my next journey.

Happy Creating.....
Sharon Estes

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Welcome 2015, I am so GRATEFUL, my word of the year.

Well January 2015 is almost over and it has been a very lazy month for me.  I have taken the month off to regroup from all of last years business.  

I am revamping my painting ventures and trying to get on a regular schedule with taking on some online Acrylic Classes,   Painting Acrylics,  I will have 13 classes for the year by 13 teachers and all year to finish it.  I am really rusty with my acrylic painting as I have been in mixed media the past 2 years.. I am still a Mixed Media Artist and Steampunk.  Just going back to my root of painting.
I have been an administrator of Creative Innovations Group and this takes up a lot of my time and is so much fun to be working with some great artist.

The second Group I have decided to concentrate on is the Guardian Angel Artist.
I have been a member for years in this great group but I dropped out when I quit painting and was taking a break from the art world for a few years... I rejoined this year and I would like to tell you a little about it.   It is a group of painters that paint angels and send them to comfort people that request an angel.  They are called Comforting Angel Artist, what we do is make a angel of our choice of design and mail them to the family/person needing comfort.
How do you request one of our angels?   It is very simple  go to this website and fill out the request form and everything is private and the artist are asigned names to send our angel the the request .  We now have about 65 Artist Angels now sending Angels.  If you are interested go to this website and as to be a Angel Artist. I hope we get some more angel artist this year .  It is a comfort to me to send my Angels each week.

In 2014 I took the online class offered by Kelly Hoernig on was called muse Merriment.  I will be sharing my muses this year on my blog. One each Month.

I am still Blogging with my Decoart Products and in 2015, I will be adding new Mixed Media products they have introduced to us.

 February, starts my new year and new word GRATEFUL, I have so much to be grateful for I have my health, my art, and most of all my Husband and Mother both survived heart attack in Oct. and Nov of 2014, and they are back to good health, I have a great support group on Facebook and Family and friends.

I have one more week of rest and preparing for 2015, Come back and see What Grannys Korner Studio is doing...

Happy  Painting
Sharon Estes,