Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blog: Krylon Mini Mystery Project

Fall Crate Centerpiece

I signed up for a Krylon Mini Mystery Kit and I recieved my kit last week and was I surprised when I opened the box to see the items I had to work with to make this Project. 

Items in the mini kit
We received 2 cans of Short cut spay paint
Mine was White and Green
Burlap Strip
White Fabric
Walnut Hollow gave us a small unfinished wooden crate.
I used some of my supplies: Helmar Craft Glue, and some
scrap raffia and floral foam and  3 fall leaves.

Rules for the challenge that we use these items and make a design from them and write a blog and show them on our facebook pages.  Then go to the Krylon page and Walnut Hollow page and like.
I was very luck to get easy colors to work with since we are in the fall season and Holiday are coming up very soon.    I having a family reunion in a couple week at our home and this centerpiece will fit in nicely on my buffet table for a centerpiece.

Steps on making project: 
  1. I sanded the small wooden crate until I had a smooth surface to spray paint.  I used the white short cut spray paint and sprayed a light coat and let it dry and then applied a second coat and I had a nice soft white finish, I have used a lot of Kyrlon spray paints and this is a great one for spraying  our wood it worked easy and I love the small size can. 
  2. When the crate was dry I cut the burlap to fit the box and then took a stencil and used the Green short cut spay can and sprayed the design.  Worked great on the burlap no runs and a great sharp edge.  I used my Helmar Craft glue and glued it around the bottom of the crate. Then I added the buttons to the strip and glued them on.
  3. I cut a piece of floral foam to attach the inside elements. 
  4. Made a bow from the remaining burlap strip, and made a fan shape with the white material and added some raffia and the leaves, All it took was make the arrangement and place with wire and glue inside the crate.
I didn't glue the floral foam so that as the season change it can be repurposed.

I really enjoy using all the Krylon Products and have used a lot of the wood from Walnut Hollow in the past doing a lot of DYI projects.   

Sharon Estes
Happy Painting and Creating


  1. you did a totally fabulous job Sharon as I knew you would!!!

  2. This is beautiful. The fanned material - very creative :)