Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blog: Paris Dream Napkin Collage

I have always wanted to visit Paris, and that was one of dreams so I collect Paris items and do art with them. In a great group artMUSEment group just had a great napkin and art stash swap it was really fun and  I collected all the art napkins I could get my hands on..and even borrowed some great friends Paris stamps.
I also belong to a group call Creative Innovations and we are a group of art discussions and learning so I will be posting this blog for these groups..

This is the finished Picture and
 all the Items  I used will be posted at the end of this tutorial.


The first step to making a collage is as follows.:

  • I chose an Illustration board the size is a rectangle shape not real sure of the size it was just there and I like to use for framing a project it is not heavy in a frame
  • I Gessoed the background and I used my Gelatos in red, yellow and purple and applied them in a scribble manner and then took a baby wipe and blended them together until I got the background color I like to go with napkins I had chosen to use. 
  • In this picture is the background color and I like to add stamps to my backgrounds and I used a collection from my Paris stamps and used the  Tim Holtz distress ink pads and stamped the background in a pattern that would flatter the napkin collage.  Be sure to heat set the design you stamped on the illustration board as this ink will reactive and with you use water or a moist baby wipe.
  • The next step is as follows that is now using the napkins and making your collage layout..please note to take pictures when you finish laying out the collage so when you are ready to decopage it down and lift it off the surface you remember where the pieces go...
  • I do not put the decoupage on the underside of my napkins as it makes the napkins work and not tear as easy. I lay each piece where I want it and then decoupage it very thin starting from the middle of the piece and work to the edge. I repeat this till I get all my pieces where they belong. This is very time consuming and takes patience. 
  • Here is the Picture of the Napkin Collage to this step: 2

Second Step

  • I used my heat gun to make sure all was dry and then I decided to try the Tim Holz crackling medium This was just a last minute thought never tried it before so I took and used a soft large brush and covered the entire project with the medium and let it dry and as it stated to crackle I used my heat gun to make it work faster as my patience are short, and it turn the project a little darker and all the pretty tiny cracks were perfect even the napkin did some cracking and it brought the texture out and aged the piece.
  • I needed something in the upper left hand corner so I went to my flower stash from Pirma flowers and made a floral arrangement in that corner and use my 450 Helmar glue which I really love..
I was still wanting some more texture so I used the Lindys Gang Dauber "Coco Bean" and added splashes and then sprayed with Lindys Gang spray "Clam Bake Beige" and this brought a real shinning glimmer to the background and made the crackle really pop.
  • This needed some white added so I outlined with a Signo White Pen and did a ruffley boarder and dots and doodles around the napkins. Then I added my friends stamps, Paris in Green and Remember Paris, and I added the title Paris Dream.

Floral Corner.....
  • Products I used

Napkins and  Stamps.

Distress inks and Lindys Gang dauber and spray.

Follow your Dreams...2014 
Sharon Estes.


  1. LOVE this Sharon! All of the bits and pieces of napkins, stamps and artybits came together so perfectly. Well done m'lady !!!

  2. OH I love this and thank you so much for the detailed instructions. I have so many napkins and have been wanting to do something with them. You did a beautiful piece of art work here. <3

  3. I love it, it turned out beautifully!

  4. My 14 yr old daughter dreams of going to Paris, too. This is beautiful! And love that you used napkins! Checking out blogs from MMM and yours was the first! Love it!