Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blog:Tuesday in the Studio

Tuesday in the studio was a very successful one. I had so much fun playing with the new items from Decoart and Frosted Designs.  I got some new Deocart colors and Glamour Dust Glitter Paint, Love the new colors and Glitter wow...for this steam punker it not my style to use Glitter but I found out how to add the two together and some old painting techniques came to life today.

I have a group that are exchanging ATC cards and the theme was BUTTERFLY ONLY.
We had to make a card with only a butterfly on it and be creative well this was very though provoking and I searched my new goodies and see what I had to play with, I found a page in the new papers I recieved from Frosted designs and it had a ATC card size print and I used that it came from the new Princess Paper.
Then searched my stamps for a butterfly found that yea...Next was to decide how todo the butterfly, so I new it was going to embossed and I used a black embossing pad and some Lindys embossing powder and embossed the butterfly twice to get the look I wanted over the black ink. Normally you would use a clear embossing ink with a shinny embossing powder. It turned out beautiful and really shinny, as you will see in this 1st photo.
Now I had to decide what to do with this to add interest so I remeber what Debbie Cole and I talked about in our group yesterday about acrylic vs. inks.   So I gave her technique a try and I used my new colors of Decoart (they will be posted at end of blog) and I got my watercontainer and added some Decoart color float added to my water and put small color drops on my palette and took my small liner brush and make the colors very thin and the colorfloat helps with this, and painted in the butterfly with all my pretty colors and when they dried I added the Glamour Dust Glitter paint on top of the paint and it just sparkled. I hope my picture does this justice. Photo 2  colors on Butterfly.
I then looked at the card and decided it needed more attention so I took out my favorite Angle brush my 3/4 Golden Natural 2006S by Silverbrush line, and mixed some shading colors and it was like being back in the old days of painting you never really forget how to float and it was fun, this is a photo of half floated and half not floated so you could see the difference in the butterfly and how it comes to life. Wow I am doing a happy dance now. So I finished the floating and was still not happy so the steampunker started coming out in me and I used a brown ink pad and did some distressing around the edges and that looked better but it was still not right and I remember the new Uniroll  white pen I had just gotten so I outline the outer edge of the butterfly and did some white on the the wings.  And YES IT WAS DONE....WHOPPIE...
Final picture:  
I sure hope my card swap partner likes her butterfly..I do.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Blog: Update on Grannys Korner Studio

March has past and now its April 7, 2014, my Merry go Round has been moving to fast and I lost a whole month.   I am back now and ready to begin a new month and a new adventure.  Tuesday Grannys Korner Studio will be open and hopefully have something great to post for a day in the shop. Thursday will be open and my painting partner will be gone for a while so I on my own with all my great new supplies that I received from Decoart and Frosted designs to use for my projects in my blogging the next couple of months.

My new adventure is a new group I was asked to help with I am really excited about this I will be working with Debbie Cole, (Decorative Painter/teacher/designer) and Heather Drumbaman and Sandy Schmidt, we are the Administrators and putting all this together now.
Stamp, Paint, Create   
This is the groups name and is a closed by invite only. You may join by e-mail or message one of the Administrator.   We are hoping to make this a great educational and tip and technique group. You may be a Decorative Painter, a Mixed media artist or a Journal artist and we will discuss all the ways to bring all this together into one big art style.  We are wanting to get the information out about different type of surfaces we have to work on that all this can come together.  This is just a hint of what we are doing we have a long way to go but we have a large number of members already and some interesting conversations and projects already posted.   Come by and check us out. 

Time to open all my goodies and go to the studio and get ready for Tuesday in the Studio.
Happy Creating
Sharon Estes.