Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blog: Thursday in The Studio....

Thursday March 6, was a very productive day in the studio, it started of with a lack of mojo on my part but as the day went on I became more creative.  Kaitlyn, was really on a roll today. She kept me moviated.
I have a lot of journal pictures to post that I have been working on during the week and weekends.
I have been playing with some new products.

This is a card I made from the journal page from Sunday with Sandee, from Frosted designs,  Below is the full size journal page I did that she inspired form Hot Mess.
Mine is called Some Times you Just have to Shop.

 I am working on a Journal notebook from a loose leaf notebook and I Gessoed the whole outside of the note book and I am trying some experimental techniques using Drywall Texture paste and homemade crochet medallions my 90yrs old mother is making for me this is a project in thought process and as it developed it will be posted. Not sure I like what I have done so far added the medallions in the paste and Gessoed them and added some Lindys Gang Sprays,  It is in the 1st square of the 4 squares marked off on the front cover.   As you read this blog and have any suggestions please leave me a comment that might add to my process thought.  
 I have a double canvas project in the works and it was inspired by the challenge in a group for my word of the week ( intermingle) it was to be a card the size of a large index card but I just fell in love with this scrapbook page from my book Family Tree and there is so much details and intermingling going on in the background I just had to use it and I will be adding a lot more as this is a large piece for my bathroom wall. 
Sorry Kelly Hoerning your word will take a while to become a finished piece. 

I think I have given everyone a good sneak peek at the progress in Grannys Korner Studio.
Happy Creating.
Sharon Estes....Shadee66

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