Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blog: I AM

The studio was not doing this week as I have been in and out of town and will be gone for a while in the next couple of weeks. I have plans to visit my Great-Grand kids in Oklahoma, and have some artisitc fun with them and a long needed visit. I did finish one Challenge in a group for this month.
It is a Journal page called I AM
This journal page we used Lindys Sprays, and Decoart molding paste, and I used oil watersouible pastels in place of the pan pastels as I don't have them in my supplies, and watercolor crayons, in place of the watercolor sticks.  This was a very fun page I used a old stencil I had to make the 3 designs and used the paste to add texture to the page and then I uses the watercolor crayons to shadow around the stenciled designs and then the pastels on the textured designs, and use a wet wipe to move the pastels around on the stencil designs and I used a sharpie pen to to do the doodles and the writing . 
Below is my Jorunal page: I AM...

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