Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blog: I AM

The studio was not doing this week as I have been in and out of town and will be gone for a while in the next couple of weeks. I have plans to visit my Great-Grand kids in Oklahoma, and have some artisitc fun with them and a long needed visit. I did finish one Challenge in a group for this month.
It is a Journal page called I AM
This journal page we used Lindys Sprays, and Decoart molding paste, and I used oil watersouible pastels in place of the pan pastels as I don't have them in my supplies, and watercolor crayons, in place of the watercolor sticks.  This was a very fun page I used a old stencil I had to make the 3 designs and used the paste to add texture to the page and then I uses the watercolor crayons to shadow around the stenciled designs and then the pastels on the textured designs, and use a wet wipe to move the pastels around on the stencil designs and I used a sharpie pen to to do the doodles and the writing . 
Below is my Jorunal page: I AM...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blog: Tuesday in the Studio

To day is Tuesday, March 11, 2014, It started as a real bad day I had no mojo and it was really heard to go to the basement studio, but with the encourgment of a great artist friend I just went down and set down and let it roll. Well I am surprised at what all rolled out in the 4 hours I was setting their, It just came together as I made my list and started with my first project and then another project and I finished 2 cards and started on my third one.  Some times I just have to let it go and fly by the seat of my pants and do it. What happens, happens as they say, good or bad.  I feel these are not my best but they are okay. I like them and that is who I have please...  

Work in my Mixed Journal 

These are items I used to make some of my own stamps out of a Moldable Foam blocks. I used Nuts, bolts, nails, screws and a embossing folder and a wood gainer tool. This was from a video by Sunday with Sandee, Frosted Designs, I was just playing with the blocks that I had purchased from Frosted Designs. You can go to Sunday with Sandee on you tube and see her tutorial for doing this process.
 Now on to the finished project cards and pictures I have been working on for a while, a dear friend of mine loves Betty Boop and is decorating her bedroom in this style so I did a colored pencil of Betty Boop and her brithday card  was hand made, with Lindys sprays, and a cuttlebug embossing cardstock and I found a image of Betty Boop in black and white and I am going to add some color to her skin. The background is a pink stamp that I distressed it  and added sine purple hearts and on the back I sprayed with some pastel sprays and we can add another picture if she wants and frame the card. Inside the card the verse is from the internet and was in file of quotes I do not who to give credit to..  But here it is.
Its all about me Deal with it. !!! 
The pictures of the card and the Picture are below.
This is the colored pencil picture I did of Betty Boop.  It is unframed.

Happy Birthday Paula.

There is one more project that I finished in the Tuesday Studio it  is my wordcard52 for this week in the art aMUSment Group I belong to.
The word was Vintage....
When I looked up the word it was a noun, for something that old and original from start. and the word Wine was used to explain it.  I am a lover of a good wine so this just hit me right, and I went on the Graphic Fairy, and printed a background of Grapes and vintage words, and a Vintage label, and I looked though my napkins and found a wine bottle and glass and added it to some more of the vintage paper I used on my card, and a tag with a lacy heart stamp I used white Dylusions  spray and sprayed on the stamp and made a lacy  The whole card was then decoupaged with Decoart and gave a glossy look. 

This is the end of the day in the studio, well satisfied with my out come.
Happy Creating.
Sharon D, Estes

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blog: Thursday in The Studio....

Thursday March 6, was a very productive day in the studio, it started of with a lack of mojo on my part but as the day went on I became more creative.  Kaitlyn, was really on a roll today. She kept me moviated.
I have a lot of journal pictures to post that I have been working on during the week and weekends.
I have been playing with some new products.

This is a card I made from the journal page from Sunday with Sandee, from Frosted designs,  Below is the full size journal page I did that she inspired form Hot Mess.
Mine is called Some Times you Just have to Shop.

 I am working on a Journal notebook from a loose leaf notebook and I Gessoed the whole outside of the note book and I am trying some experimental techniques using Drywall Texture paste and homemade crochet medallions my 90yrs old mother is making for me this is a project in thought process and as it developed it will be posted. Not sure I like what I have done so far added the medallions in the paste and Gessoed them and added some Lindys Gang Sprays,  It is in the 1st square of the 4 squares marked off on the front cover.   As you read this blog and have any suggestions please leave me a comment that might add to my process thought.  
 I have a double canvas project in the works and it was inspired by the challenge in a group for my word of the week ( intermingle) it was to be a card the size of a large index card but I just fell in love with this scrapbook page from my book Family Tree and there is so much details and intermingling going on in the background I just had to use it and I will be adding a lot more as this is a large piece for my bathroom wall. 
Sorry Kelly Hoerning your word will take a while to become a finished piece. 

I think I have given everyone a good sneak peek at the progress in Grannys Korner Studio.
Happy Creating.
Sharon Estes....Shadee66