Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blog: My beginner watercolor Journey.

I have started a new journey with my Journals, I now have a watercolor journal of play and expermenting. I belong to Journal52 group and one of the prompts was to do a abstract.  It took several weeks to come up with the courgage to try this, I am still not sure this really abstract art.  In my journal I had this stencil pattern that I had of a from another project I was working on, and since it is Valentine week and I got these new Julie Nutting Stamps, by Prima, I want to try them and with the weather being so cold I am not in the studio where all my supplies are stored, I just had my watercolors and colored pencils upstairs so why not give this a try. I took the black watercolor crayon and wet it and marked it on the stamp and put it to paper and Yes it worked great so I just kept play with the stamp and then I got the watercolors out and made a small flower in the corner and it kept growing larger and larger and more colors and then I strarted splattering and let the watercolors take control as I had lost total contol of what I was doing.  I let it dry it was just done on plain journal paper so it dried quickly, and then I took out my pens and started doodling and this is the end results.
Thanks to Tracy Weinzapfel, Mixed Media Monday Night Video's she did a watercolor project this week and this influenced me to give it a try it looked so easy.  Well I have to say watercolor has a mind of its own and depends on the paper you use and the type of watercolors to achieve the look you want.

I am a not a freeform artist I like lines and structure and realism, that is what I have done for so long.
But I sure am enjoying my new Journey with the medium.

Come back later this week there will be more projects I have to post. My head is swimming with Ideas.
I have posted this project on my Grannys Korner Studio Facebook page .
My project needs  a name and if anyone has a quote or name leave it in the comment on the blog and the winner will be announced on MARCH 1ST,  and will recieve a watercolor card free from me.
Please share this blog and hope to win a free Card.
Happy Valentine week.
Sharon Estes.