Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blog: Happy 3rd Birthday Landen, our great grandson and his and great grandma art work.

Landen Carver Hearod was born on Superbowl Sunday on Feb 6, 2011, he was born in Texas and now lives in Oklahoma with his Grandparents, Terri and Keb Bowman, he has a older sister Jaden and a brother Blane, they will be honored on their Birthday this month and next month.
This Great Grandmother is very proud of this little guy, he is a cute curly headed, and fast mover and big talker, wish I could spend more time with them, but we are lucky to visit once a year.
I was able to spend 10 days with the kids last June,2013, and we did a lot of art work together and I am posting all the work I did with Mr Landen, my little artist man.
His favorite thing to use is the Stamp Method, and a great Steampunker Stamper.

This is my special little great grandson In June we went to Oklahoma to spend time while the they had some oral surgery and spent 10 days of lots of fun and art work.
This is my little stamping artist, he had quiet a  stamping rythmn going with his stamps he would hit the pad and the card, very intense. It was a very HOT DAY that day up in the high 90's is the reason for diaper only and he hates to wear clothes. what a joy.
Now here is some of his work he did for his grandpa who lives in St. Louis, Mo.
Cards for his Grandp Estes.  Nice work for a two year old.
Wow what big smile for his Great Grandma, his first art project he did at DayCare last month, his Apple Tree, the apple doesn't fall from the family tree.  A great use of sissors and cutting out colored paper and glueing  and drawing.  I love It.  *Smiles*

Happy Birthday card  done by his Great Grandmother, the artist,  I did this card from a cardstock card and cut a background scrapbook paper that is striped and added a tag from the page.  I also love to use my stamps.  I used a wooden number and used it as a stamp for the 3, and I made the balloon banner from the Magic Foam, make your own stamps a blog will be in more detail on how to use this product.
I added 3 owls one of his favorite stamps and he loved the grunge boy stamp, but I used my colored pencils and made it look more like a little boy.

This is Landen....Today he is 3yrs old.  What a pleasure in our life..We love you.

Please leave Landen and Great-Grandma (Sharon Estes)  some love on our Birthday Blog.

Sharon Estes.


  1. Oh how sweet! Start them young and they will have art in their soul for the rest of their lives! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the sweet comment.

    ~Deb, MCS DT Member~
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    1. Landen and I thank you for leaving some love on my # 3 birthday. I love the art I see from children,and we are creating just great memories. Loved your visit, Sharon and Landen.

  2. What a cutie pie, I just love that head of curly hair!! And that picture of him in his diapers stamping away is ADORABLE!! Happy Birthday Landen!!

  3. Happy Birthday Landen!!! Cute great grandbaby and cute card!!!