Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blog: Tuesday in the Studio

It has been a busy time in Grannys Korner Stuido this week, I have a lot to catch up on it is the coming up on the end of the month and a lot of work needs to be finished.  I have joined a new group and they are having a ATC Card Swap for March his will be my first time at this and this is on my work table for Thursday, and today I finished the Spring card challenge. I was a drawing of a bird and we used it to make a card for spring and this is my card I submitted today to the Painting Creations Group. I used a scrapbook pager 6x6 and added Washi tape and painted the bird to look like a chicken and flowers I used Decoart Acrylics and then finally used my homemade sprays for the final texture.  Here is the picture:


, The work project I did for my Journal  was really exciting I received a lot of new products from Frosted Designs, and I got my very first real Dylusions Jouranl Book, How excited I was I have been using mixed media papers and did not have a real journal to use and I had them scatter and hung everywhere not organized at all, this will be so great to work in when I am in the mood to do my journal work
I also received a lot of the Lindys Gang Sprays, and Dylusions Stencils, and the mini misters. I have been making my sprays and  doing my first journal page in the book, I watch a great You Tube  designer from Frosted Designs, She does a Sundy With Sandee, Video  each week and we can then use her technique and  our own style and inspriation of her work and add it to the Frosted Design Page.  It is really fun to work with Sandee Setiff  and Barbara Craft, visit their page and check it out.https://www.facebook.com/groups/134989116525706/

This is my take on the page Sandee Setiff did in her Video, published Sunday Feburary 22, 2014,
Some times you just have to shop. 

How this page came together : Step 1
It stared with a blank journal page in my Dylusions Journal book and I used a lot of my stamp pads and a homemade stamp pad from the Molded Foam for stamps. 

I did a black painted silhouette with a dylusions stencil and used the new alphabet stencil to do step 3 and finish the page. Above is finished page.
 Thes are some of  the items I used in this project : Dylusions Creative Journal, Dylusions Stencils, a butterfly stamp and a hat stamp. Pens and Stamp Pads.

Happy Journaling and creating today.
Sharon Estes

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog: Happy Birthday Jaden

On February 24th, 7 years ago we were blessed with a lovely bundle of joy, our Granddaughter presented us with a little great-gran-daughter, Jaden.  We were very proud to have our first great  grand child.
Jaden was born and being raised in Oklahoma, with her two younger brother, Blane 5, and Landen 3, he was honored in my last Birthday Blog.  She celebrated her birthday with family and school friends, at the McDonald's, in the town in Oklahoma where she lives.  She is in the first grade and a very good student and very talented with her artistic creativity and her love of  Candy Crush on the phone.

We spent 10 days last June while she was having Dental surgery  and we had a great time with all the great art supplies I took to keep us busy. I will be sharing her her mixed media and cards she made and pictures of her great party, theme "Princess".

Fun In June with Great-Grandma Sharon:

We had fun with the stamps and Glue and old magazines and scrapbook paper and cards for  her Grandpa Ron.

Jaden's Birthday Party 

Her Princess Cake

The Princess Jaden with her cake at the Oklahoma McDonald's.
This is the Card that was made for my little princess who loves bling.
I uses a card stock  card and attached the watercolor paper center with glue and I did a background with Gelatos and sprays and a Birthday Stamp, with some rhinestone settings to add the bling. Punched out some hearts and outlined with a black pitt pen and the white Uni ball white pen.

Sharon d. Estes

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog: The Unknown Key

Whats on my work desk this Wednesday, I had a load of sprays, and Molding paste and a Unknown key on a chain.  My Word 52 in the" Art aMUSEment Group this week was "KEY".  I looked at this at the key and a light blub popped. Yes this is going on my card. I looked through my papers for a background paper to glue to the card, I used a pale yellow paper from a scrapbook page from Color box, and glued it on the index card with the Helmar Craft Glue , I had won as a gift from a contest I entered. Love the way it flowed and no order and not messy to use at all. I liked it a lot.  Then I new keys was the theme and found all my products and stamps and pens to start the project.
I uses a Door Stamp, and I cut out a lot of keys from some Tim Holtz scraps, and I used Decoart molding paste with a key stencil and used some gold mettalic rubon to bring the molded keys to give a shine, I took my Lindys sprays and sprayed and used the dobber , and a make a big blob spot a black sharpie to out line to add some depth to the keys. I spayed with a Krylon Clear spray to seal the finish, and Attached the found Key to the door.

Remember a Unknown Key can open a door to something Unknown. ......

Sharon Estes

Picture of products used in this project, 
Helmar Craft Glue, Decoart Molding Paste, Lindsys Moon shadow Sprays, and a Stamp Unknow maker.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blog: Thursday in Grannys Korner Studio

It is Thursday, Feb.13,2014, and I am playing in the studio by myself today, Kaitlyn Emory, my painting partner is ill and unable to be here today.  I just had a great time trying a lot of new things and working on some of my group projects.  I even got some laundry done today while I was playing, who says a woman can't multitask.. Just give us the test we will pass with flying colors.

This blog will be filled with a lot of different photos of work I have been working on and just finished up to get ready to blog.

Do not forget to enter my contest to add a quote to the Watercolor Abstract, and win a hand made card by me. Just leave a message in the comment on the blog before this one and the winner will be announced on March 1, 2014

Projects Post:

This was my 52 Word Card for the group art aMUSEment group
The word was Embrodery
I did it on a watercolor postst card and used my watercolor pencils and watercolor crayons to do the background and the flowers, and when dried I took my pitt pens and doodled around the flowers and the card to give the look of stiches and embrodery.
Happy Valentines day Card
My new adventure into card making, I used scrapook paper with the heart design and white cardstock card and then backed the paper with a deep burgandy cardstock and a paper dollie behind the paper and add the scrapcuts to make it look like a ribbon since I didnt have any ribbon that would work, and added a paper flower from Prima flowers and some shinny bling stones from my stash.
This card will be the only Valentine Card I will make  and it was for a surprise card blast to a great friend and artist.

My Sultry Lady
I have been wanting to try faces and I have this Betty Davis Eyes Stamp and I stared with that I stamped it on a white journal page and then I took my colored pencils and started filling in her face to look like a person, the hair was done with my pitt pens and some colored pencil work. I am proud of her for my first attempt at a project for fun.

My 52 Word Card for this Week
I used the word as a verb and chose to express as a VIEW .
I posted it today on the group.  The background is Geletos and sprays of bright colors and the Birds are a Steampunk Bird and they are colored in bright colors from colored pencils.  I did not do a lot of pretenting when I was younger maybe with my dolls or paper dolls, but I did a lot of day dreaming about the birds love the freedom of flight and the beautiful colors, would love to here the cherping and singing of my Grandmothers Canarys and the beautiful Parokeet I had as a child. It was beautiful.
I found this great quote from Winston Churchill, about Pretent.
It reads like this "I cannot Pretend to be impartial about colors, I rejoice with the brillant ones, Iam genuinely sorry for the poor brown ones."
I spent many hours with my crayons and paint by number sets and making pretty colors that was my pretending to be a artist some day.

My Journal page today with a pipette and inks.
I was watching Sunday with Sandee Video for Frosted Designs , and she shows us a new technique each week and hope we will try it.  I jumped in with this one and got all my supplies, my Lindy s sprays 3 colors, yellow and blue were homemade sprays, and my brown Pitt pen and white Gelly Roll pen. and what is a pipette, that is hard to explain, it is a eyedropper, Sandee has a special pipette on her Frosted Design page for sale, I used a dropper from a medicine bottle and a baby medicine dropper. I found the smaller dropper worked better with my inks, I put my ink on a foam plate and used the dropper to suck up the paint and then squeeze the bulb and drag the ink. Very interesting and challenging project I will try it again I am sure but will use more ink colors.

There was a lot more playing in the studio but that will have to wait for a later blog day.
Come back soon and see how to make your own stamps, this is really fun.
Happy Valentines to all my friends and family, I will be spending the day with my Hubby and enjoying a great dinner or lunch and Wine and Love.
Sharon Estes.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blog: My beginner watercolor Journey.

I have started a new journey with my Journals, I now have a watercolor journal of play and expermenting. I belong to Journal52 group and one of the prompts was to do a abstract.  It took several weeks to come up with the courgage to try this, I am still not sure this really abstract art.  In my journal I had this stencil pattern that I had of a from another project I was working on, and since it is Valentine week and I got these new Julie Nutting Stamps, by Prima, I want to try them and with the weather being so cold I am not in the studio where all my supplies are stored, I just had my watercolors and colored pencils upstairs so why not give this a try. I took the black watercolor crayon and wet it and marked it on the stamp and put it to paper and Yes it worked great so I just kept play with the stamp and then I got the watercolors out and made a small flower in the corner and it kept growing larger and larger and more colors and then I strarted splattering and let the watercolors take control as I had lost total contol of what I was doing.  I let it dry it was just done on plain journal paper so it dried quickly, and then I took out my pens and started doodling and this is the end results.
Thanks to Tracy Weinzapfel, Mixed Media Monday Night Video's she did a watercolor project this week and this influenced me to give it a try it looked so easy.  Well I have to say watercolor has a mind of its own and depends on the paper you use and the type of watercolors to achieve the look you want.

I am a not a freeform artist I like lines and structure and realism, that is what I have done for so long.
But I sure am enjoying my new Journey with the medium.

Come back later this week there will be more projects I have to post. My head is swimming with Ideas.
I have posted this project on my Grannys Korner Studio Facebook page .
My project needs  a name and if anyone has a quote or name leave it in the comment on the blog and the winner will be announced on MARCH 1ST,  and will recieve a watercolor card free from me.
Please share this blog and hope to win a free Card.
Happy Valentine week.
Sharon Estes.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blog: Happy 3rd Birthday Landen, our great grandson and his and great grandma art work.

Landen Carver Hearod was born on Superbowl Sunday on Feb 6, 2011, he was born in Texas and now lives in Oklahoma with his Grandparents, Terri and Keb Bowman, he has a older sister Jaden and a brother Blane, they will be honored on their Birthday this month and next month.
This Great Grandmother is very proud of this little guy, he is a cute curly headed, and fast mover and big talker, wish I could spend more time with them, but we are lucky to visit once a year.
I was able to spend 10 days with the kids last June,2013, and we did a lot of art work together and I am posting all the work I did with Mr Landen, my little artist man.
His favorite thing to use is the Stamp Method, and a great Steampunker Stamper.

This is my special little great grandson In June we went to Oklahoma to spend time while the they had some oral surgery and spent 10 days of lots of fun and art work.
This is my little stamping artist, he had quiet a  stamping rythmn going with his stamps he would hit the pad and the card, very intense. It was a very HOT DAY that day up in the high 90's is the reason for diaper only and he hates to wear clothes. what a joy.
Now here is some of his work he did for his grandpa who lives in St. Louis, Mo.
Cards for his Grandp Estes.  Nice work for a two year old.
Wow what big smile for his Great Grandma, his first art project he did at DayCare last month, his Apple Tree, the apple doesn't fall from the family tree.  A great use of sissors and cutting out colored paper and glueing  and drawing.  I love It.  *Smiles*

Happy Birthday card  done by his Great Grandmother, the artist,  I did this card from a cardstock card and cut a background scrapbook paper that is striped and added a tag from the page.  I also love to use my stamps.  I used a wooden number and used it as a stamp for the 3, and I made the balloon banner from the Magic Foam, make your own stamps a blog will be in more detail on how to use this product.
I added 3 owls one of his favorite stamps and he loved the grunge boy stamp, but I used my colored pencils and made it look more like a little boy.

This is Landen....Today he is 3yrs old.  What a pleasure in our life..We love you.

Please leave Landen and Great-Grandma (Sharon Estes)  some love on our Birthday Blog.

Sharon Estes.