Thursday, January 23, 2014

Home: Introduction to my painting partner/designer Kaitlyn Emery

Kaitlyn Emory
Grannys Korner Studio
I am so proud to introduce you to a very talented young 23year old lady. I have know her for approximately  10yrs. We were introduced through a homeschooling art class I taught when she was about 13yrs old.
It took her a while to open up and get her self confidence in tack, but once she we started working together I new she was one talent young girl, her talents are in her design and drawing and putting colors together and making the design work.  When we finished our session with the homeschooling she kept coming for classes and I taught what I new about the techniques, brush strokes the basics.  
She wanted to learn to paint in oils so I taught her how to use the Genesis Heat Set Oils, which I was certified to teach along with the Decoart Acrylics.  

She has done many projects for herself, family, friends, she loves giving her gift of art to friends and family.
She has been commissioned to do several wall murals, one for her pastor's home, and one for the Church entry hall wall.

She designed and painted from old Dorthy Dent Books scenes for a lot of the art work in their family home.
She did a a complete set of stairway backboards of farm scenes in Summer, Fall, Winter, I believe there were 10 backboards she painted, along with saw blades, round and a large crosscut saw for the wall.
Her little sister;s room was done in butterflies and dragon flies and a garden fence on the walls.  

Kaitlyn's talents are not only in the painting/drawing/designing field, she is a published writer of short stories, and is in the process of writing a series of books, and children stories.
I will be sharing her work and accomplishments on my blog and Grannys Korner Facebook page until she sets up her own blog and page.  
If any Blogger or Company is intrested in a very talent lady I have one I will be glad to pass on to give her a great career in the Art/Craft  and Writing Business.

I will share some of her work on the Blog page. Kaitlyn's Art Work.
Please share your comments on my blog and give her some great blogger love or on my page.

Sharon Estes, 
Kaitlyn Emory  artist/designer

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  1. wow, she sounds like a very talented young lady, I look forward to seeing some of her work! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥