Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blog:Unfinished work

I am in my studio and I have a list of things to do called Daily Commitments. Well as I look at my list I have not been real successful this week, at making all my commitments.  What have I gone and  done but  added more to this list of commitments. I joined another group called Journal52, it is about making a page a week and it is the 12th of January and I just joined last night. Wow I need that Superwoman cape.
 While looking at the list of what I wanted to do and what I needed to do I had made some promises to Sandee at Frosted Designs that I was going to use her stamps I had no idea what I was going to do so I thought abut the Journal52 group,and I was looking for somrething to make my Journal out of and in a stack of College books on design, when I was in this awful class (another whole blog) I found a Journal of my drawings and some good ideas and some bad ideas.  I started to flip through the pages and this project that was unfurnished and looked broken to me which is really my way of looking at Abstract  This vase that I sketched was to be made into a Abstract art design and I did break it into pieces. All of a sudden I though this is what Mixed Media really is to some people and I new it had to be fixed.So Off to find the Deep Red Cling Stamps, and some pens and watercolor crayons, I have never used, I went to work and this is what I did with my Unfinished project.  I named it Broken Promises, I am not sure why but it felt right. 

I am going to share some pictures and instructions on what I did to achieve a finished piece, from 10yrs ago.

Step one of Broken Promises.

This top picture is the original drawing and my attempt at making some abstract (Broken) I do not like to break up things I have always been a realistist painter and this was a great challenge to me. It made me very sad to do this We uses watered down acrylics and painted inside the drawn lines.
This is Step 2.  I had to fix it I was really unhappy with the  sloppy workmanship so I found my new box of water color crayons (by Sargent art box of 12)  and my favorite brush and went to work . Loved the Crayons.

 Step 3 I went into the stamping room and found all my new stamps and a old one and I was then in heaven because I had made my commitment to a very dear friend., and my self by using something new I had just purchased from Frosted Designs, their link will be on Grannys Facebook Page  and of the stamps below.

This is my finished Project I am very proud to no 

These are the poducts I used and they are listed below in the labels list.

Thank you for visiting my blog and please leave all love you want in the comment section I love it. 
The Artist Lady (Shadee66)
Sharon Estes.


  1. Sharon, this is an amazing piece and I thank you so much for taking us along on this journey that spanned 10 years!!! I LOVE the title of your piece and I love how you finished it. Mixed Media really is all about breaking down our barriers of needing everything to be line.....and realistic. This piece is a perfect example of how you grabbed this broken promise and made it into a completed and beautiful piece of art. Huggsss!!!!

  2. How do you feel Sharon? Felt freeing to read it.. to me.. great job... :)

    1. This was a shock to see this piece pop up when it did. after I finished it I feel warm and fuzzy satisfied I know I am a true artist now. thanks for the love on my page Tamako

  3. I have to say that the face stamp fit right in with the abstract look of the page! I like how you named the piece too and what a way to save a piece from 10 years ago! :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

    1. Thank you Sandee, It was a shock as I told Tamako to find this today, and be able to save it as you told me there is no bad art. I now feel like a true artist, and yes the stamp of the face fit perfect. I love them stamps. You are a great friend.

  4. Wow - love your post and your piece!!!

  5. Thank you Jean, it is great to get love on my blog.

  6. Excellent sharon!! i love how you picked up this piece, great work. Cant wait to see you create something for 1 of our challenges at Frosted designs.