Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blog: Why I should be the Queen to wear the Crown.

I live the rural part of southeast Missouri, and it is really important that they have a Queen with a  Wildlife Crown.  I am not a fancy dancy person I don't require Diamonds and Pearls and all that fancy fluff. I am just a plain ole country girl who loves to sit on her deck barefoot and in my jeans and tee shirt, and watch Mother Nature bring on them animals, birds, she can keep the skunks and possums.

My Crown is plain and simple doesn't require to be polished and shined, if it did the glare would scare all my creatures away and then what would I watch from my deck while enjoying the fruits of the land, or my coffee.

Why do I deserve this plan crown of paper and washi tape, because of my love of my backyard and all the pleasure I get from watching and feeding the creatures that live there.  I have been watching a family of 24 Turkey since they were born last year and they still come to my yard to eat, and this is a safe haven from all them turkey hunters because the Queen of the Wilderness lives her.
I would proudly wear my crown this spring when it is time to set on the deck and look over my wild creatures.  But since it is winter and we have snow up to our ying yang, I just open the door and say Hello and throw a few crumbs and say Good-bye Dang it's Cold.

Here is my crown I want to wear, I have it made and ready to go. The Artist Lady in me made this Crown just in case I become the Queen.

Oh by the Way I did take a Picture of Me With My Crown....   

I have to go check on my wild life with my new crown.


  1. That's a fabulous crown, you are indeed the Queen of the wildlife, doing your royal wave from the back porch at all your visiting court of turkeys and various animals! Thank you playing along in my Royal challenge, doing the Queenly wave from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  2. Oh SHARON!!!! I love your CROWN!!!! and that WaSHI!!!! <3