Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blog, My Character Journal and Quote.

Today was I spent the day in the studio to catch up on some of my Commitment, challenges.  I decided to do it all in one page today and post in the Frosted Design Group, Journal52, Group, and Art aMUSEment Group.
I have to give Sandee Setiff credit for the way this page came out, I have watched her Sunday Videos on You Tube last Sunday she did a Video on making your own stamps, and a stamp from Deep Red, Heart Flourish Splash, and a paper coffee cup and a tea bag string tab with a eye.

I new my challenge words for the week were Character, and Quote, and what Sandee did in the Video my artistic mind but this Journal page together with what I have on hand and what I have purchased from Frosted Designs.

There is a simple story behind the Betty Davis Eyes, stamp from Deep Red, I cannot draw eyes that are happy eyes, and this is for my Character Journal group to understand why they were added to this page.
When I was a child and young woman My best Character feature was my big blue eyes, they sparkled, and were dreamy and big. but due to life I became depressed because of things that happened in my life that changed my Character feature to sad and unhappy looking.  I have tried to learn through my art drawing faces with great teachers to make happy eyes and I cannot master happy eyes.  My mother who is also a retired artist, and known for her beautiful eyes you can look at her work anywhere and recognize it by the eyes. She told me that your personality comes thru you face drawings and eyes. You may end up with a face resembling you and the yes the eyes look like yours, as you look at this page I did with the Betty Davis Stamp the eyes are on the sad side even using a stamp I have sad eyes.

The Quote came from a post on my facebook page the author unknown, and I changed one of the words to make it fit the page I wanted to portray.

I will be giving a picture tutorial of how I did this page and the products I used to put it together.

This is the beginning of my Journal Page: I used Tim Holz rough canvas scrapbooking paper and sprayed the background with the Lindys Sprays, MoonShadow and Starburst, and some homemade sprays. The table cloth is a stamp called Lace from Anna Griffan an I stamped it with Hunter Green Memories Dye Ink and Lindys Embossing powder, and Decoart Gesso.

This is the Stamp from Deep Red Called Heart Flourish Splash, embossed with Lindy's embossing Terra Cotta Pluir.

This is my finished journal page, with the Betty Davis Eyes, Coffee Cup and Quote.
My eyes were done in colored pencils after they were stamped, and the steam heart is also colored pencils and embossing powders, and the cup was painted with Decoart Acrylic paint, Dark Scarlet, and Black .  The quote was written with a White Gelly Roll 8, and the outlines were down with a black pitt pen.

Behind every successful artist is  Coffee!!! 
or Tea !! 
To all the tea drinking artist out there, didn't want to leave you out. 
I also enjoy my tea. 

It is time to take the chill off from this cold weather Mother Nature has gifted us with I am going to enjoy a nice hot cup of COFFEE !!!!

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Keep warm
  Sharon D, Estes.


  1. Now, I think this is where perspective comes into play, I don't see the Bette Eyes stamp as sad eyes, but more like mysterious! I love your page and I think you did a fabulous job combining 3 challenges into one page! ((hugs)) and a wave from the snowy hills of North Carolina ♥ ( yes, I said SNOWY!! ) lol

  2. I love this journal page Sharon And how true! ;) I am a big fan of reds and they can be hard to work with sometimes. You did such a great job here.