Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blog, My Character Journal and Quote.

Today was I spent the day in the studio to catch up on some of my Commitment, challenges.  I decided to do it all in one page today and post in the Frosted Design Group, Journal52, Group, and Art aMUSEment Group.
I have to give Sandee Setiff credit for the way this page came out, I have watched her Sunday Videos on You Tube last Sunday she did a Video on making your own stamps, and a stamp from Deep Red, Heart Flourish Splash, and a paper coffee cup and a tea bag string tab with a eye.

I new my challenge words for the week were Character, and Quote, and what Sandee did in the Video my artistic mind but this Journal page together with what I have on hand and what I have purchased from Frosted Designs.

There is a simple story behind the Betty Davis Eyes, stamp from Deep Red, I cannot draw eyes that are happy eyes, and this is for my Character Journal group to understand why they were added to this page.
When I was a child and young woman My best Character feature was my big blue eyes, they sparkled, and were dreamy and big. but due to life I became depressed because of things that happened in my life that changed my Character feature to sad and unhappy looking.  I have tried to learn through my art drawing faces with great teachers to make happy eyes and I cannot master happy eyes.  My mother who is also a retired artist, and known for her beautiful eyes you can look at her work anywhere and recognize it by the eyes. She told me that your personality comes thru you face drawings and eyes. You may end up with a face resembling you and the yes the eyes look like yours, as you look at this page I did with the Betty Davis Stamp the eyes are on the sad side even using a stamp I have sad eyes.

The Quote came from a post on my facebook page the author unknown, and I changed one of the words to make it fit the page I wanted to portray.

I will be giving a picture tutorial of how I did this page and the products I used to put it together.

This is the beginning of my Journal Page: I used Tim Holz rough canvas scrapbooking paper and sprayed the background with the Lindys Sprays, MoonShadow and Starburst, and some homemade sprays. The table cloth is a stamp called Lace from Anna Griffan an I stamped it with Hunter Green Memories Dye Ink and Lindys Embossing powder, and Decoart Gesso.

This is the Stamp from Deep Red Called Heart Flourish Splash, embossed with Lindy's embossing Terra Cotta Pluir.

This is my finished journal page, with the Betty Davis Eyes, Coffee Cup and Quote.
My eyes were done in colored pencils after they were stamped, and the steam heart is also colored pencils and embossing powders, and the cup was painted with Decoart Acrylic paint, Dark Scarlet, and Black .  The quote was written with a White Gelly Roll 8, and the outlines were down with a black pitt pen.

Behind every successful artist is  Coffee!!! 
or Tea !! 
To all the tea drinking artist out there, didn't want to leave you out. 
I also enjoy my tea. 

It is time to take the chill off from this cold weather Mother Nature has gifted us with I am going to enjoy a nice hot cup of COFFEE !!!!

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Keep warm
  Sharon D, Estes.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blog: Thursday In The Studio, Journal52, 52WordCard,

This is the project for my group Journel52 week 2
The prompt was Simple time, Simpleplace 
My simple time and place is in the moment.  I did this in a paper collage using magazine pages and  cut outs.

Week 3
Prompt What makes you Smile:
This is not a journal page it is a canvas board that I wanted to experment on with some new product and I have been watching Sandee Setiff on her Sunday Videos with Frosted Designs and this is what all this tutorial is about what I have used on this canvas.  This is the first application, Gelatos were rubbed allover the background yellow orange and tourquois, and wiped with a baby wipe to smooth out and then I made a lot of pretty pastel homade sprays from old colorbox inkers, and spayed blue and pink on top of the Gelatos and while wet I used bubble wrap to make some texture, texture to the stencil was Decoart Gesso and Magical powder from Lindy's Spray kit,(shown at end of blog), The Second step was trying to do a splatter design that I learned on Limor Webber, Video, and it was to be done with the dobber but all I got was a big massive blob, so I had to think fast and I got out the stamps and embossing powder and covered the mistake up and added more sprays and white splatters with a brush and it turned into a nice shinny shimmery Mixed Media piece. Here is the finished piece the photo is not the best due to my phone camera .
Finished piece.

52 Word Card 
My card was done on an index card, using Tim Holtz Paper, 
A memory of my first Train trip in the l950's from St. Louis Mo to Nebraska to visit our grandparents.
It is made to shiny like a photograph.


Blog: Kaitlyn Emery's Art Work

 This is a Genesis heat Set oil On a Large Round Saw Blade

 This is one of Stair step back boards it is a farm scenic and it is raining  also in Genesis Oils.

These 4 pictures were painted with Genesis Heat Set Oils on Illustration Board and are a wall grouping for a wall, the young girl setting on the stone wall was hand drawn when she was homeschooling with me and she just painted it in  fall of 2013.

This is a Steampunk piece she designed in the fall of 2013.

I will be adding more of her work as the weeks go by and I get more photo downloaded to my computer.

Kaitlyn Emory 

Home: Introduction to my painting partner/designer Kaitlyn Emery

Kaitlyn Emory
Grannys Korner Studio
I am so proud to introduce you to a very talented young 23year old lady. I have know her for approximately  10yrs. We were introduced through a homeschooling art class I taught when she was about 13yrs old.
It took her a while to open up and get her self confidence in tack, but once she we started working together I new she was one talent young girl, her talents are in her design and drawing and putting colors together and making the design work.  When we finished our session with the homeschooling she kept coming for classes and I taught what I new about the techniques, brush strokes the basics.  
She wanted to learn to paint in oils so I taught her how to use the Genesis Heat Set Oils, which I was certified to teach along with the Decoart Acrylics.  

She has done many projects for herself, family, friends, she loves giving her gift of art to friends and family.
She has been commissioned to do several wall murals, one for her pastor's home, and one for the Church entry hall wall.

She designed and painted from old Dorthy Dent Books scenes for a lot of the art work in their family home.
She did a a complete set of stairway backboards of farm scenes in Summer, Fall, Winter, I believe there were 10 backboards she painted, along with saw blades, round and a large crosscut saw for the wall.
Her little sister;s room was done in butterflies and dragon flies and a garden fence on the walls.  

Kaitlyn's talents are not only in the painting/drawing/designing field, she is a published writer of short stories, and is in the process of writing a series of books, and children stories.
I will be sharing her work and accomplishments on my blog and Grannys Korner Facebook page until she sets up her own blog and page.  
If any Blogger or Company is intrested in a very talent lady I have one I will be glad to pass on to give her a great career in the Art/Craft  and Writing Business.

I will share some of her work on the Blog page. Kaitlyn's Art Work.
Please share your comments on my blog and give her some great blogger love or on my page.

Sharon Estes, 
Kaitlyn Emory  artist/designer

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blog: Thursday in the Studio

What a great day my painting partner came back to the Studio and we are now designing and painting together again. What a great day the ideas were flying and discussions and showing of new products we have in the studio to use now and of course there was healthy snacks, and Coffee. I got a lot accomplished today, I did my week 3 word card for Art artMusement group and the word was ARTIST. 
I am working on a great canvas using Decoart products cant wait to see how this turns out.
This will be a short blog for today as I am really ready to take a Nap...LOL.

My Card week 3

Every Artist needs her Coffee, this is my way of being  the Artist Lady.
I love my coffee, and the Key represents my commitment to complete all projects I start this year.
I watched a video by Sandee Setiff, on Sundays,she is with Frosted Designs, and she showed how to make your own sprays from the ink refills and I used some old Colorbox inkers that were drying up and old and made a lot of pretty colors and also played with my stamps to make the design and this is my idea of what I am as an artist.  
The quote is" Art is not a thing it is a way"  unknown.authour.

Happy Artist Lady making Happy Art.

Sharon D, Estes

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blog: Journal52 and artMUSEment Groups.

Welcome Wednesday (humpday), whats on my work table today is some catch up work from the last few days. I have joined a new Journal52  group and we are to make a journal page a week and we are given a word and we make the page it sounds like it will wake up the inter artist in you. I also belong to a group called artMUSEment group for a long time. I am going to post my Journal52 page first and instructions on how I did this page.

This is done on watercolor paper and I cut a page from a book the title of the page is "The Wings of Prayer" It was a quote taken from the Bible. which is my favorite verse and song.  I did a homemade yellow spay from Ritz dye and sprayed and wet the paper  very well and let it dry completely and then I decoupaged the page on the side of the paper and did some shading with a brown color around the page to give it an aged look.
I used the Stamps from I purchased from Frosted Designs the Steampunk Bird and the Music notes Stamps.
With watercolor crayons and pencils I colored the birds and used a black Creative Memories pen to outline the the painted birds, and a Sharpie was used to add the journaling. 

Now the 52 Word Card  Journal 
This group project is taking cards, such as playing cards, index cards, or any card of your choice. You can Gesso them and paint on them, do a paper collage, the technique is endless we just have to use the word and interpreter it in our art style.
I have finished 2 cards week one word was "BOX". Week 2," POSTAGE"


 Jack in the Box
I am using large Index cards with scrapbook page glued to the card to make it stronger and I stamped a word stamp on the backgroung and I hand drew the Jack in the Box and then I used all the products pictured to finish the card.


The paper I used was from Frosted Designs and the 6x6 book was called Delight, I love this packet very soft and Victorian. I do not do much Victorian pieces but love it.  I used some old stamps with a Paris wording and a Paris Postage Stamp and did some Distressed ink around the edges. These cards are to fast and simple and not take a long time to make. The are really fun.

This is what was on desk this past two weeks and I have many more projects setting there waiting for my return tomorrow. 

Have a great Hump Day 
Sharon Estes (Shadee66) the Lady Artist.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blog:Unfinished work

I am in my studio and I have a list of things to do called Daily Commitments. Well as I look at my list I have not been real successful this week, at making all my commitments.  What have I gone and  done but  added more to this list of commitments. I joined another group called Journal52, it is about making a page a week and it is the 12th of January and I just joined last night. Wow I need that Superwoman cape.
 While looking at the list of what I wanted to do and what I needed to do I had made some promises to Sandee at Frosted Designs that I was going to use her stamps I had no idea what I was going to do so I thought abut the Journal52 group,and I was looking for somrething to make my Journal out of and in a stack of College books on design, when I was in this awful class (another whole blog) I found a Journal of my drawings and some good ideas and some bad ideas.  I started to flip through the pages and this project that was unfurnished and looked broken to me which is really my way of looking at Abstract  This vase that I sketched was to be made into a Abstract art design and I did break it into pieces. All of a sudden I though this is what Mixed Media really is to some people and I new it had to be fixed.So Off to find the Deep Red Cling Stamps, and some pens and watercolor crayons, I have never used, I went to work and this is what I did with my Unfinished project.  I named it Broken Promises, I am not sure why but it felt right. 

I am going to share some pictures and instructions on what I did to achieve a finished piece, from 10yrs ago.

Step one of Broken Promises.

This top picture is the original drawing and my attempt at making some abstract (Broken) I do not like to break up things I have always been a realistist painter and this was a great challenge to me. It made me very sad to do this We uses watered down acrylics and painted inside the drawn lines.
This is Step 2.  I had to fix it I was really unhappy with the  sloppy workmanship so I found my new box of water color crayons (by Sargent art box of 12)  and my favorite brush and went to work . Loved the Crayons.

 Step 3 I went into the stamping room and found all my new stamps and a old one and I was then in heaven because I had made my commitment to a very dear friend., and my self by using something new I had just purchased from Frosted Designs, their link will be on Grannys Facebook Page  and of the stamps below.

This is my finished Project I am very proud to no 

These are the poducts I used and they are listed below in the labels list.

Thank you for visiting my blog and please leave all love you want in the comment section I love it. 
The Artist Lady (Shadee66)
Sharon Estes.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blog: Why I should be the Queen to wear the Crown.

I live the rural part of southeast Missouri, and it is really important that they have a Queen with a  Wildlife Crown.  I am not a fancy dancy person I don't require Diamonds and Pearls and all that fancy fluff. I am just a plain ole country girl who loves to sit on her deck barefoot and in my jeans and tee shirt, and watch Mother Nature bring on them animals, birds, she can keep the skunks and possums.

My Crown is plain and simple doesn't require to be polished and shined, if it did the glare would scare all my creatures away and then what would I watch from my deck while enjoying the fruits of the land, or my coffee.

Why do I deserve this plan crown of paper and washi tape, because of my love of my backyard and all the pleasure I get from watching and feeding the creatures that live there.  I have been watching a family of 24 Turkey since they were born last year and they still come to my yard to eat, and this is a safe haven from all them turkey hunters because the Queen of the Wilderness lives her.
I would proudly wear my crown this spring when it is time to set on the deck and look over my wild creatures.  But since it is winter and we have snow up to our ying yang, I just open the door and say Hello and throw a few crumbs and say Good-bye Dang it's Cold.

Here is my crown I want to wear, I have it made and ready to go. The Artist Lady in me made this Crown just in case I become the Queen.

Oh by the Way I did take a Picture of Me With My Crown....   

I have to go check on my wild life with my new crown.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Blog: My Word of 2014.

This is my second year at doing my mixed media and art journals and I belong to 2 groups and we are asked to choose a word that means something to us and what we want to portray in the year 2014 in our art work and our I choose my word this year to be a word for my art work and my daily and spiritual life in the next year. My first journal page with my word will be entered in my Mixed Media Monday night group and the second group will be artMusement group and we do a lot of different type of challenges in this group we are doing a 52 word card project. We are now working on week one and the word was ""BOX''  my card will be posted tomorrow.

This is my word challenge and will be my January Challenge for Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy Weinzapfel Studios.
My word is Commitment, means to make a promise to do what I set out to do and complete the mission in my art or daily and spiritual life. I have done this by finishing and entering the January Challenge.
This is the finish Project and the tutorial is below.

This is the first steps in preparing the project My journal page was Gesso, and I added acrylic paints and a pearl medium from Decoart , and a hand cut stencil I made and a Key stencil from my collection of years ago.  Next step 2.

I added the verse on the key. and had painted the flowers and did a outline with a fine Pitt pen in black.    Step 3:

A close up of the verse.
This is the Step 4 and final step.  I added a key on the top and uses Dangles with my word attached to the end of each one. Then I  repainted and add the final touch up and a darker lines on the flowers and a boarder and stamped butterflies to finish my piece.

Products I used were from Decoart:
This was a great beginning to my new year and thank you Decoart for all the great products.
Sharon Estes