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Home: Milestone Celebration On December 15, 2013, A 90th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to a very special lady, Ann Paschal, who will turn 90 years old on January 1, 2014. She was honored at a special first birthday party given by her children and their family.

Her Story starts when she was born on January 1, 1924, to Iver and Florence Lingwood, in a small town call Glenn Nebraska, she also has a older sister Francis.  She was from a Norwegian background, she had the great privilege of living with her grandparents who came over here on a boat from Norway her grandfather came to homestead in the Nebraska Territory.
She grew up in Crawford Nebraska, and then in Hay Springs Nebraska.  She met out father  while he was in the Army and station at Fort Robertson, and was married there and this is where  me and my brother were born.  We moved to Missouri in the 50's and have lived here every since.
She was widowed at a young age and remarried in 1968, an lived in Overland Missouri where she had a very active and exciting life.  When she retired from National Food Center, she took up China Painting for a past time hobby and that then she met a special a lady, Molly, an went into the business of ceramics, and teaching in her home studio for many years and she also took up oil painting and became a member of the Decorative Painters Society, and belonged to Gateway Decorative Painters of St. Louis. There a lot of great times for her in her journey she had a large and faithful group of ladies that painted in her studio regularly. A lot of craft shows and a great adventure of owning a business in Ste. Genevieve, Mo, where her daughter lived and had Grannys Korner Craft Store, and her mother had a shop call Paint N Petals. She made so many friends during the times she worked on weekends in her shop.. 
Then a change came in her life and she downsided and closed her business and move to St. Charles to be close to her son who lived up their, his name is Mike Abney, and owner of a hair salon business, and him and his wife Barbara, run this business, they have a Son Mark, and twin boys, Drew and Derek.  Mom become a widow while living there .
This was a new phase of her live, she moved to Ste. Genevieve, to be close to me her daughter (Sharon Estes). She chose a great senior citizen apartment complex and met some wonder ladies and gentlemen and this is where she is today.  Mom now has new hobbies, playing cards, helping with the dinners at the apartment complex, and shopping.  She still crochets and reads for her age she is doing wonderful still drives and very independent wonder sweet lady and we love her dearly. 
I am going to share some special pictures of her Milestone Birthday Party, as no one has ever given her a party due to the fact it was on New Years day and it was celebrated at Christmas time when the family got together. 
Moms Day in Pictures...
 Ann Paschal cutting her cake.
 Her Cake
Her Children Sharon Estes, Mike Abney  

Her son Mike and wife Barbara and grandsons, Mark, Drew, Derek Abney.
Sharon Estes, Mom, Jerry Estes my hubby.

Great Friends from Overland and ex painters..
Some of the great guest 

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  1. Happy birthday to your mom, she looks wonderful, I find it hard to believe she is 90! What's her secret?? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥