Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Post: Mixed Media with Napkins.

I belong to a art group on face book and we have challenges each week and we decided it would be fun to have a napkin swap and see what  creative ideas developed.  It took me along time to decide to see what napkins I wanted to use as I received so many beautiful ones. It is hard to take one and tear it apart cut it up and glue it down.  After a lot of thought I decided Paris was what I wanted to do in a mixed media design.
I used a Gelli print in blue and yellow background it was a pastel print and matched the napkins. I then went through my Paris stamps and stamped on the background and took the napkin in my hands and started tearing and distressing it to be added to the piece. This was just a leap of faith that it would work.  I uses my Decoart deco page to glue the napkins down in the proper places and let it dry.  This is very important to just put the deco page on the backside of the napkin and lay on surface then  use your finger or a palette knife and smooth out the wrinkles unless you want the wrinkles for texture, I smoothed mine as much as possible and I had some tears and bubbles but that gave it character  You can add layer on top of layer to fix bad spots. It was really a challenge, but a successful one.
Now that the napkins had be put on a dried, I new it needed more and my 89yr old mother was setting at the painting table painting  a Santa gift bag for her Senior Apartment gift exchange in December, she looked at it and said "that looks like a fan", and a light blub went off in my head, and a friend Von popped in their also, yes it needs ""Foofy"" so I took out the white Deco art Gesso and a brush and made a lace edge around the fan.  I had to laugh because my mom can't  make much sense out of this type of art, she calls it "Funky Art".    The piece was finally finished with some detail around the edges now it is ready to be framed.
I am now posting the Finished project.

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  1. I love the soft blues you have used and your flowers are just lovely.. Great theme..
    Sandy :)