Sunday, November 17, 2013

Home Sunday in Missouri

I know its been along time since I have been on line.  I have really been busy with homelife errands.
I am also really busy working on my Christmas Challenges. I have made some committements that are a real challenge for me as I have never done them before..I am in Christmas Card Swap with my MMM group and I am not a card maker never really tried to do this I have a lot of stash I purchased from my friends shop when she went out of the business.  I dont know how to use a lot of what I have so today at My Favorite Place Grannys Korner Studio, is You Tube Day...I really want to learn how to emboss my stamps, but not having luck, I am not sure if the stamp pads if they are old, or I am  just not doing it right.???

I really don't have any new pictures or tutorial yet as they will be ready for the December Blog.
I am waiting to hear from Bobbie Percy from Genesis Heat Set Oils, I hope to get my certification pin and she is sending me a surprise package this week, so this will be a new Blog Page for Genesis I have used them for many years and love them...I also am blogging for DecoArt.

We just a horrible rain storm and electric was out about time I went to plug in my crockpot for supper.
The strom has passed supper is cooking and all is well in Bloomsdale.

I am off to You Tube...surffing.  Hope to make some friends happy Christmas cards.

Sunday Blessings... Sharon Estes (Shadee66 nickname on line).

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