Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Home Estes Family Reunion

  What a great reunion the Estes family had on Oct 5, 2013
We celebrated two birthdays and ate a lot of fish had a thunderstorm and still had a great time.
We also decitated this day to our Parents James and Mary Estes, with out them we would not have these great reunions we have not had one in a long time it was a regular to have one in the summer and on Grandma Marys Birthday in March.
The Watermelon was her special treat for the family when we got together so Brian, her grandson found a huge one for all to share with delight.
Here is our Watermelon to start the day right.

This is Brian Estes, the grandson of Mary, and He is our nephew and the main fisherman and fish fryer . The picture below is Jerry Estes (orange shirt, Birthday Boy 71 yrs. ) his brother Ivan Estes and hiding in the back ground is Britney Estes, ( daughter of Brian and our great-great-niece)
The last picture is Tim Estes and he is the Brother of Brian Estes and our nephew.
This is all that is left of the Estes Boys.
OOpa almost for got my own Son Ronald Estes setting in the background hiding and then we have Uncle Don Seabaugh (Brother-in-Law married to Hester (estes) sister to Jerry and Ivan.
This is the Male Estes group that showed up and ate and ate and guarded the fish pot.
Now we have the ladies of the Estes Family and they were afraid of the rain and retreated to my Kitchen where they could keep a close eye on the food and have a good time with conversation.  *wink*
Top picture is Cathy (seabaugh) Thomas,niece,her Mother Hester (estes, daughter of Mary) Seabaugh, and  next to her is Martha Estes, wife of Tim Estes and Daughter -in-law to Helen Estes
This picture is of Cindy (estes) Hulett in yellow Jacket fixing a beautiful vase of flowers and brought the birthday cake which pictures were not taken we photographer was to busy eating all the goodies,
We have Courtney (hulett) and Mason Audrain 2ys grandson of Cindy and great grandson of Helen Estes Cindy and Brian and Tim's Mom.
Then there is Connie (terry) Arnold (daughter of the late Vesta Terry,
  sister and daughter of Mary)granddaughter of Mary and our Niece.
In this picture we have a table with a lot of lovely women, One is my Mother Ann Paschal 89 yrs old, and Winnis (Katie) (Estes daughter of Mary). An then Helen Estes our dear sister-in-law of the late Justin Estes.

Then came time for the Watermelon and all was eaten and we had a fantastic day .
Happy October Birthdays and We love you Grandma and Grandpa Estes.




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