Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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I am sure you are wondering about Granny's Korner Studio.
Granny's Korner studio started many years ago as a small desk in the corner of our basement when my children were small and they played in our large basement and as they grew my area grew. It became a store in the year of 1990 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.  had a great employee that helped me with the daily business of a craft store we designed, we taught painting, crafts and I had a craft consignment area downstairs along with the craft supplies and upstairs was my crafting and painting classroom. We held weekly classes and I had teachers come in from different areas to teach. We held Kids watercolor classes, and other children classes,  It was a fun and challenging time for a new grandmother to take on as a an adventure, my mother also helped with the weekends and she was a ceramic artist and sold her items under the name of paint and petals, she rented a special area and sold her work.

The store was a meeting place of friends, kids, and tourist from all over the world.   

In 1993, we had the 500year flood and almost lost our historic little town to the Mississippi River, we spent many hours and days moving merchandise and clearing our store as we were evacuated and the water was up to my front door.
We closed and sandbagged and help save our town and with the help of some great people and the Blessing of God our town was saved from being washed away but it was damaged and it still has not come back to life as it was in the early 90's. In 1995, it came time for me to sell the building and downsize my business to just teaching and selling some products from my home. So we moved the business to my basement and I added a class room in the basement and a small craft business and this worked until the year 2004 and closed the business and decided to do some Homeschool art teaching and did this for a couple of years and due to health problems I am now just working with one special young lady I worked with in the homeschool program she is very talented and we enjoy working and designing together when time permits.

This past few months I become involved with some groups on line and took a couple of online classes and I have been introducted to the mixed media art and steampunk art. I have met some real special people on line that has encouraged me to do challenges and try the blogging. 

So this is where my studio has evolved, I now have a painting and supply area in my basement, and my familyroom has been turned into a scrapbooking, card making area. 

I have posted some of my challenges and will be starting to become more involved in the upcoming weeks.

Sharon D. Estes, Granny,s Korner Studio Blogger.

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  1. SO fun and interesting to read about your art, life business and town, Sharon! I'm glad you're still being creative and that I've met you through our shared interest groups! Its my pleasure to know you and call you my Friend!! Can't wait to see what you're up to with your art! That steampunk butterfly box you did recently is flat out gorgeous!!! :-)