Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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Seasonal Journal Mixed Media
Page one is the first season I am starting with and that is Autumn.
It is October in Missouri and our leaves are just starting to turn colors and falling to the ground .
As I was walking the other day I noticed some unusal looking leaves and I picked them up and put them in my pocket and though I can add these to a journal page I just added a background to.
So I decided today on October the 15, 2013 I would officially start and finish my first page in the journal.  I found my poor leaves all dried and curled and I was afraid they were wasted and would not work so off to the studio I headed with camera a coffee and leaves in hand and this is the finished product from start to finish.

This was the first time I ever used the Gelli Plate and this is my first printed background you may have seen in my earlier posts that I have used the second pull from the plate to do a challenge in a group I belong to.  Oh what a fun experience I had  I was using my Americana Paints, and they were Celery Green, Burnt Orange, and Golden Straw, and Tangelo Orange.  I placed all the paint on the pad and way to thick was my first mistake and when I used my brayer the colors were thick and blotchy. So I used a quilt plastic stencil for cutting leaf pattern  and made a deep impression in the background.  So after a few days of air drying the heat gun didn't do the job this time.
I was able to fill in the negative spots with some pastel chalks for the look of blue sky and added a couple of stamps one was a fancy leaf design and the other was a French oak leaf and acorn design with a beautiful quote so I embossed them with the embossing pad and used a deep green embossing powder and they looked like velvet.   My next trial was how to get the dried leaves on the page. I succeeded with the use of decoupage and more decoupage and some weights to hold them on the page. While they were drying I made a tag from some scrap paper in my stash and wrote the quote on it so you could read it.
The Quote reads:   Quercus Sobato
                        The mighty oak wears it leafy colors as a lofty crown....
When the leaves dried I attached a precious metals flower from Prima Flowers and used some Tim Holtz distressing ink black soot and distress it to look old and dried.
It still need something else so I looked though my stamp collection and found a Halloween Block Stamp soft backed for card making and uses the corner of it to add some extra design to the blank spaces.   I am proud to be out of my box as far as this mixed media goes it is fun to just set and play with all the goodies you have stored in pretty boxes and bags and drawers.  You never have a plan it just come as it comes.  As my mother says" by the seat of your pants. go for it."
Thank you for coming and viewing my first experience  with my new journal and Gelli Plate I will be blogging  more about the Gelli Plate and the great American paints in my next blog tomorrow.

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