Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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What I like about Autumn
Autumn in my words are: cool lovely weather, beautiful colors of the trees as they turn from bright shades of green to oranges, reds, browns, burgundy's. I love setting on my deck and looking at the hills behind my house and see the seasons change. It is such a peaceful time.
I was given a challenge in a group I belong to and was asked the question and how to express it in an artistic way, by words, paint, colored pencils or any other media we chose. 
I chose my mixed media style today and tried to express what I like about this time of year and I called it Fall Leaves, Love to watch the leaves turn colors.  Here goes my version of Autumn in my first blog: 
I used the Gelli Plate for the first time and this is the second print that I used for my project. My colors were Decoart: burnt orange, Golden Staw, Tangelo Orange and celery green I uses the Brayer to smooth the colors on the plate and my first print will be discussed in the next blog as it has not been finished yet it will be the first page of my New and first Journal Book
What my gelli plate looked like after the first print was removed and this is the Print I used for this project.

This is the finished mixed media page when I finished with all my stamps and doodling. I used the negative space for sky
and leaves, I doodled in small falling leaves  using the negative space I used my pitt pen and  some chalk pastels, to do this method.  I used my Friskers fancy edge cutter to go around the edge of the paper to give it a fancier look and I may add it to a canvas I have on my work table who know where this page may end up by the end of autumn.

These are all the supplies I used  to work on all this project I did not use the embossing ink and powder it will be used in the next project.

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  1. Ohhhhh Sharon ... I so wish I could sit a spell on that deck with you and watch those colours change! ... and then, a bit of play with you in your lovely studio! Your Fall artpiece is full of wonderful colour, texture and movement. Makes me think of leaves dancing in the air. Love it!