Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog Challenge Rubberstamp

This is my Rubber Stamp Challenge for my Group on Mondays. 
I was just in a real relaxed mode and didn't even think about this project and I find this is a great way to relieve stress.  I found this piece of scrap paper in my paper stash and it was a practice piece for Tim Holtz Distressed ink pad, color was a yellow sorry I don't remember the color as it was done sometime ago when I first got my collection of his stamp pads.  I had just purchased a lot of supplies for a stamping store that was closing out her supplies and I was just picking up the stamps and playing like a 2 yr old and pick up a stamp and hit paper. This is the way my little 2 yr old great grandson does grandma stamps. Hit pad, Hit paper, Lol.  

My out of the Box is Mixed Media and Steampunking. I am a person that needs instructions and structure when it come to my painting, and colored pencils.  This is going to be a great ride.

One day a week I have a young Student that comes and we will be designing together. I am so excited.

Watch for more from My Favorite Place   Granny,s Korner Studio.....


  1. Love the start of this grunge paper ... simply too fun and screaming for a steampunk finish! Like your new blog, honey ... hope it keeps you moving forward with all of your arty-self endeavours!

  2. How exciting to be "artfully" mentoring a young life, Sharon! I am excited for you both! I also like how you have relieved some stress with your stamps. Love the outcome! Hugs!