Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blog: Ending a great year 2013 and beginning an new year 2014.

It is News Years eve day and I am down with the flu and have not much to add to this blog for the month of December.  
Recap the year it was a great one Joined several groups: Mixed Media Mondays, ArtMusement, and Lori Webbers group and Frosted Designs.

We had a lot of Challenges some I completed and some I didn't have time for and I have met deadline on.   I learned the joy of Mixed Media, Journaling, Card Making and some Scrapbooking, and I love my Gelli Plate.

I now have a facebook  page just for my Artistic Me, this is where I will share all my art and others along with my blog page. 

I became a Decoart blogger and reinstated my helping artist with Rosemary and I will be sharing all their new products and ideas new and from days gone bye.

I am looking forward to the new year as I have some great ideas to share with all my friends and artist friends.

           1. I  am doing a 52 day Word ATC card for Kelly Hoerning group, plus I am finishing all her
                classes I didn't get finished last year.
              I  am going to use all the information I have stored in my computer and share with you as

I am not good at keeping resolutions but my word for the year has been successful last year it was
ACCOMPLISHMENT.   I did accomplish a lot in this year, I be came a Mixed Media Artist, Blogger, and Journal artist, Steampunk artist, and some collage art work.  I am fulfilled with what I have accomplished in 2013.

Happy New Year to all my followers.
Sharon Estes (Shadee66).

Monday, December 16, 2013

Home: page 2 of the birthday milestone.

The party begins and everyone is diving into the food and good conversation, and gifts, and cards. Just a few more great pictures of Mom's friends in the apartment complex.

Home: Milestone Celebration On December 15, 2013, A 90th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to a very special lady, Ann Paschal, who will turn 90 years old on January 1, 2014. She was honored at a special first birthday party given by her children and their family.

Her Story starts when she was born on January 1, 1924, to Iver and Florence Lingwood, in a small town call Glenn Nebraska, she also has a older sister Francis.  She was from a Norwegian background, she had the great privilege of living with her grandparents who came over here on a boat from Norway her grandfather came to homestead in the Nebraska Territory.
She grew up in Crawford Nebraska, and then in Hay Springs Nebraska.  She met out father  while he was in the Army and station at Fort Robertson, and was married there and this is where  me and my brother were born.  We moved to Missouri in the 50's and have lived here every since.
She was widowed at a young age and remarried in 1968, an lived in Overland Missouri where she had a very active and exciting life.  When she retired from National Food Center, she took up China Painting for a past time hobby and that then she met a special a lady, Molly, an went into the business of ceramics, and teaching in her home studio for many years and she also took up oil painting and became a member of the Decorative Painters Society, and belonged to Gateway Decorative Painters of St. Louis. There a lot of great times for her in her journey she had a large and faithful group of ladies that painted in her studio regularly. A lot of craft shows and a great adventure of owning a business in Ste. Genevieve, Mo, where her daughter lived and had Grannys Korner Craft Store, and her mother had a shop call Paint N Petals. She made so many friends during the times she worked on weekends in her shop.. 
Then a change came in her life and she downsided and closed her business and move to St. Charles to be close to her son who lived up their, his name is Mike Abney, and owner of a hair salon business, and him and his wife Barbara, run this business, they have a Son Mark, and twin boys, Drew and Derek.  Mom become a widow while living there .
This was a new phase of her live, she moved to Ste. Genevieve, to be close to me her daughter (Sharon Estes). She chose a great senior citizen apartment complex and met some wonder ladies and gentlemen and this is where she is today.  Mom now has new hobbies, playing cards, helping with the dinners at the apartment complex, and shopping.  She still crochets and reads for her age she is doing wonderful still drives and very independent wonder sweet lady and we love her dearly. 
I am going to share some special pictures of her Milestone Birthday Party, as no one has ever given her a party due to the fact it was on New Years day and it was celebrated at Christmas time when the family got together. 
Moms Day in Pictures...
 Ann Paschal cutting her cake.
 Her Cake
Her Children Sharon Estes, Mike Abney  

Her son Mike and wife Barbara and grandsons, Mark, Drew, Derek Abney.
Sharon Estes, Mom, Jerry Estes my hubby.

Great Friends from Overland and ex painters..
Some of the great guest 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Home Hello December 2013

December 6,2013, we had our first snow fall of the year...this is what my patio looks like at 9:00 am this morning.   I think the first snow fall is beautiful to photograph and admire, but will not be getting out in it No Way..I hibernate in the winter.   Bloomsdale is beautiful small rural area in Missouri, so our hunters and kids who are out of school will be outside and so many snowmen will be built and bond fires tonight and a lot of fun for the young and young at heart.  I will be busy in my studio painting about the time of year and doing my Christmas cards and challenges that have been on my to do list this month.  Everyone have fun and a safe start to our December,2013, the Best of Months of the year as it is a Special Birthday, The Birthday of Christ our Savior. 
That is all from my home today more to come from Granny's Korner Studio Blog.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blog: DecoArt Snowman gift bag

Welcome December, looks a lot like snow out side today.  I am busy getting ready for Christmas and gift wrapping is so creative.  With this simple Decoart project it makes it fast fun .

I purchased my bags for Orential Trading Co. on line, less that $1.00 each, and found and old stencil in my stash and tried the new products that I have not used in a long time.

Phase 2: I added the lettering with the Snow Writer, which I really liked, hit you may have to snip the tip a little bigger an hold it in a upright position and squeeze and start lettering.   I used a small coffee stir stick from my favorite coffee house (MC D's) been saving them for years, make great paddles to smooth on the Snow-Tex medium or other thick mediums in small places. Added a a ribbon and tissue and ready to give my gift to someone special.

Happy Painting
Sharon Estes (Shadee66).

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog My Journey in Mixed Media and Journaling in 2013

Setting here on a Sunday afternoon with coffee and a bowl of Chili on this cold November day I didn't know what to write about since all by work in the studio is Surprises for Christmas I though I would share some of my work I learned this year. I joined two groups in Mixed Media and I found I really like freedom of this style.  I am a painter and love my colored pencils which I will share later. I have to find pictures that have not been posted on Facebook yet.  I hope you enjoy seeing some of my work I know I enjoyed doing it.

Mixed Media  journal page called Tea Time.

This is a paper collage called

This a Mixed Medium called
A French name it is  a grunge
Monochromic  piece

Inside my Butterfly Box Steampunk

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Home Sunday in Missouri

I know its been along time since I have been on line.  I have really been busy with homelife errands.
I am also really busy working on my Christmas Challenges. I have made some committements that are a real challenge for me as I have never done them before..I am in Christmas Card Swap with my MMM group and I am not a card maker never really tried to do this I have a lot of stash I purchased from my friends shop when she went out of the business.  I dont know how to use a lot of what I have so today at My Favorite Place Grannys Korner Studio, is You Tube Day...I really want to learn how to emboss my stamps, but not having luck, I am not sure if the stamp pads if they are old, or I am  just not doing it right.???

I really don't have any new pictures or tutorial yet as they will be ready for the December Blog.
I am waiting to hear from Bobbie Percy from Genesis Heat Set Oils, I hope to get my certification pin and she is sending me a surprise package this week, so this will be a new Blog Page for Genesis I have used them for many years and love them...I also am blogging for DecoArt.

We just a horrible rain storm and electric was out about time I went to plug in my crockpot for supper.
The strom has passed supper is cooking and all is well in Bloomsdale.

I am off to You Tube...surffing.  Hope to make some friends happy Christmas cards.

Sunday Blessings... Sharon Estes (Shadee66 nickname on line).

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Challenges: November Challenge Gratitude

This is my November Challenge 
We were to choose 4 colors and work with them and I choose American Multi-Satin 
Buff Beige, Dark Scarlet
Turquoise Waters
Limeade (americana acrylic)
Americana Gesso
Black Pitt Pen
My Verse is  The path I choose through the maze makes me what I am I am not only a ting, but also a way of being. One of many ways and knowing the paths I have followed and ones left. to take will help me understand what I am becoming. There are so many Doors to open I am impatient to begin.....

Blog: Monday Challenge Clouds

Hello from Grannys Korner Studio, Sharons favorite place today.  It is Sunday and normally I am not in the studio working but the week was busy and I didnt get much studio time, only oneday.
I am haveing problems with my Laptop and Windows 8, and it is in the shop so I am back on the trusty old desktop computer and my favorite Windows 7, so here I go with my challenge from a group I belong to, we were challenged with a word CLOUD,  we had to come up with a creative design well my is about to be posted.  

 I love to play with my Gelli Plate and make backgrounds for my journals and challenges. you can make a lot of different ones and then you can keep adding anything you want to them as you do your mixed media design. I keep it simple.this was the second pull and I used three colors from Americana DecoArt from ther oringianl line of acrylic paints, sky blue, french vanilla, soft white.   I then added my design using stamps and a stencil. The stamp was a precious moments of 2 angels on a cloud I stamped the cloud and just parts of the figures. I filled in the clouds with Decoart Molding Paste to give it Textue, to do this I use a very small palette knife and added the paste lke I was frosting a cake, the thicker you put it on the longer it takes to dry it should set overnight to be completly dry if you plan on paint on top of it. I also used the mollding paste on the stencil, and to apply the paste to the stencil use your platette knife and rub gently over the area of the stencil you want filled and scrape off the remaining excess.  Make sure to  was the stencil shortly after you use it as the paste dries on it and become hard to remove.  just a little tip.
The angels and bird were outlined in a sepia pitt pen and colored in with my prisma colored pencils. I used a sepia  pitt pen on the tree branch and a Creative Memories scrapbooking pen in green for the pine needles.
 The quote was taken from the internet. If you know the author please leave the name in my comments.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blog: DecoArt Blog Autumn Placemat

I used a canvas placemat and Gesso it with Decoart Gesso and let it dry overnight.  You need to weight down the mat to keep it from curling as it dries this is important to keep it flat when working on it so it lays flat when in use.    The second step was using this product called American Satin enamels, I used Dark Ecru, and applied it on with a baby wipe sometimes you may need to use several depending on the color you are trying achieve. I applied a light coat it gives it a transparent look where some of the white shows through, and some places are light and some are darker.
I let this dry for several hours if not completely dry for the next step you may use a heat gun to dry completely.  It is Important do not over put Heat Gun to close to canvas it can burn.


Step Three: I used a stencil that looks like a wire fence, do not know the name of stencil as I have had it in my supplies for years and the name is worn off.  To achieve the color I wanted I mixed these new American Multi surface acrylics, and I mixed three colors and mixed them together to get the proper color I wanted since I did not have the color on hand.  You can always mix your colors if you have the basics on hand to achieve the color you need.  Colors used were:  Buff Beige, Brown Sugar, Black.  I used a stencil brush to apply the stencil using a very dry brush I load my brush with paint and then wipe off on a scrap of denim from my hubbys old pants legs and this will dry your paint to a powder consistence.  When you are working with stencils use a circle motion so the paint does not go under you stencil and you will have a crisp edge when finished.  To clean you brush use Decoart Stencil and Brush Cleaner, apply a small drop on your palette paper or Tim Holtz work sheet and rub in a circlural motion and it will foam up and clean the brush and rub on a paper towel to dry. NEVER PUT YOUR STENCIL BRUSH IN WATER. 

Step Four: cut out your design from the Napkin of choice I was given this napkin in my napkin swap . The paper will be very thin and you must be very careful when handling the pieces. On the back side apply the Decoupage medium to glue to the surface and continue laying out your pattern an gluing down.  Let this air dry until hard to touch and not sticky at all.  You may have wrinkles or bubbles as you glue down gently smooth down with you finger or a small metal palette knife and use light pressure as it will tear very easy.   DO NO USE A HEAT GUN TO DRY IT WILL MELT THE NAPKIN. I have melted many napkins...OOps  you just add more of the same napkin piece on top of mistake you can add layers and layers of the napkins to your project.  All fixed.
When completely dry take the Decoupage and brush over the entire mat let dry completely and you can add more layers of Decoupage until you get the finish you want. It will be easy to wipe off messes with a damp rag.  It can be used over years if stored flat in dry space.

I left this mat very simple you could add as much decoration you want on your background there is no limits when it come to your creativity. 

This is the last of my Autumn Post  I will be doing Christmas projects the next few weeks...Everyone loves Christmas Decorations...And I have some great new products to share with you for those projects.  

Please visit our website http://www.decoart.inc for more information on our products and ideas and you can order our products on line if not in your local craft shop.

Happy Crafting <3

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Post: Mixed Media with Napkins.

I belong to a art group on face book and we have challenges each week and we decided it would be fun to have a napkin swap and see what  creative ideas developed.  It took me along time to decide to see what napkins I wanted to use as I received so many beautiful ones. It is hard to take one and tear it apart cut it up and glue it down.  After a lot of thought I decided Paris was what I wanted to do in a mixed media design.
I used a Gelli print in blue and yellow background it was a pastel print and matched the napkins. I then went through my Paris stamps and stamped on the background and took the napkin in my hands and started tearing and distressing it to be added to the piece. This was just a leap of faith that it would work.  I uses my Decoart deco page to glue the napkins down in the proper places and let it dry.  This is very important to just put the deco page on the backside of the napkin and lay on surface then  use your finger or a palette knife and smooth out the wrinkles unless you want the wrinkles for texture, I smoothed mine as much as possible and I had some tears and bubbles but that gave it character  You can add layer on top of layer to fix bad spots. It was really a challenge, but a successful one.
Now that the napkins had be put on a dried, I new it needed more and my 89yr old mother was setting at the painting table painting  a Santa gift bag for her Senior Apartment gift exchange in December, she looked at it and said "that looks like a fan", and a light blub went off in my head, and a friend Von popped in their also, yes it needs ""Foofy"" so I took out the white Deco art Gesso and a brush and made a lace edge around the fan.  I had to laugh because my mom can't  make much sense out of this type of art, she calls it "Funky Art".    The piece was finally finished with some detail around the edges now it is ready to be framed.
I am now posting the Finished project.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Home Hello November


November has arrived with all its beautiful colors reds, yellows, greens, burgundy's, plums and greys.
The past two day we were on the highway and country roads of Missouri and this has been the most beautiful drive looking at our beautiful country sided in a long time.  So take time and enjoy the beauty.
November is the month to remember what we are to think about what we are Thankful For, and this is a great time to make our daily journal to use a word each day what are you thankful for, and put in on a canvas or a card, a tag, we have a great challenge this month. I am sending this Challenge to my artist friends see what we come up with and post it in your blog or on face book  or send to me and I will add to my blog.
My first day in November Work is Thank You....Kyrs...for this great new Blog page design she is one talented lady and did a wonderful job on creating me a beautiful page.  She has a link and a new blog page look under links and click on her link and say Hi, and enjoy her great work. Fey Art Faeries is her link name.
What is new for me in November it is a busy month, I have projects to do send into Decoart for the helping artist projects and hope they are picked to be published. I will be posting projects on Decoart face book when they are finished and added to my blog with full instructions and products used. I just received my surprise box for Decoart yesterday so I am excited to get to the studio and play.
I have also joined a new group called Stamp Tv. I will be talking more about this in December updates will be shared on my face book until I have become familiar with this group.
Time to get into the studio and start creating.  
come back and see what is new in my Blog pages..
Sharon Estes

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog Halloween card

Hello Monday Afternoon


I am not a morning person it takes a couple cups of coffee and a chat with my friends on face book and my game friends we play a while and that Candy Crunch has me stuck...OMG..
Now it is afternoon and I am finally in the studio after a long weekend of doing nothing but watching football, and the World Series, and yes I have a favorite team, I am from Missouri so I it has to be the Cardinals... GO CARDINALS....
Halloween is just around the corner and I am not a Halloween person but my great- grandkids are big into it as they are small yet and enjoy dressing up and collecting the candy so Great-Grandma just had to make them this really funky scary card with all our stamps they love my stamps.  This is new to me as I am not a card maker, I am learning and I bought out a stamping and card making store's excess supplies and have never used them until last week when I did this card. 

I used a tri-folded card if found in my stash and I made a gelli plate print with the neon paints from Deco Art and cut it to fit the inside page of the card and from their I just used all my Halloween stamps and played and had fun.  I am know as the Artist Lady, and this is my great-granddaughters favorite stamp.  So I use it a lot in my designs.  I used colored pencils from prisma color and colored the three pumpkin stamps and the face of the artist lady.  
So I hope you have enjoyed my Monday blog about my card and the loves of my life
The lie in Oklahoma so I don't get to see them often but they do know how to use the cellphone. :)
"Art is an adventure into an unknown world which can be explored by those willing to take the risks"
                                                                                                                             Mark Rothks.....
Happy Creating :)


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog What,s on my studio table today?


What's on my studio work table today ?


To day is Wednesday also know as hump Day, well I moved over a big hump today.  I held my class and a lot was accomplished my student Kaitlyn Emory, she finished her canvas she drew a large tree that was really full of swirls and curls and we cut it out to add to our canvas, This was the most tedious job I have done in a long time. These fingers were not made for that small detailed cutting.
We then did a background of mixed colors using DecoArt acrylics and Tim Holtz Distressed Inks, and many items for our background texture this was the end of my project. It is still a work in progress and will be finished at a later date as many of my projects are always a work in progress.
I have two groups that I belong to and our challenges are do this week and next week. I finished the stencil challenge and I am posting it today. 
I am posting my Stencil Challenge for my artMusement group: it is a simple but useful item from a found object from my kitchen.  It is called   ""Your Butt Can"".  I used a coffee can and primed it with a Krylon primer and then sprayed with a enamel spray paint and I stenciled Butterfly, dragonfly, hummingbird. with DecoArt arylic paints and spayed it with Americana spray sealer then filled it with white sand  so it can stay on the table on the deck.  It is used to dispose of you cigarette butts before coming into my house, yes I still have a smoker in the family and he spends time on the deck, using his can

Happy Painting and creating..
Sharon D. Estes
at my favorite place.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Blog Who said Dreams don't come true?

Who said Dreams don't come true.
Today was a day my dream of a long time has come true. I have made some major changes in my life the past few months. I decided to move out of my "BOX" and decide just what is my style in my art I took an e-course offered by Kelly Hoernig and it was called Finding Your Style in Art.  I was always a instructor and shop owner and I never really thought about a style of my own. I did what the other artist did and what was popular at the moment. I have tried a lot of art mediums and I have always loved the products of Deco Art  and I needed to find something to do with all the product that I had left from my shop.  Well thanks to this course I have finally found my Style.
I have also have to thank a very good friend Von Reeder as she encouraged me in what ever I decided to create. 
I also joined a group with Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos and watched her videos and she also gave me the courage to just jump in and fly by the seat of my pants, as my mother says and I want to say thank you Tracy.
I love to talk, teach, and make a mess and not be structured to one thing I am a Gemini and this explains a lot  about my decision I made last week.  I have been playing with mixed media and love my stamps. stencils and Gelli plate, and canvas, and journals and all the other products I have on my studio shelves. 
I started blogging about what I was doing and really enjoyed it and was encouraged by many Face book artist friends signed up to be a Deco Art Blogger and was accepted, so I will be now  talking about a product that I love and have used for years and will be excited to use the new products they have and use them in my art work now.  I hope all my friends in the art world and my real world will  follow along with me and learn something new or just enjoy what I love doing daily.
I am mentoring a great girl for the past 10 yrs. and she has turned out to be a great artist and a great friend so I hope we will be working together to keep this creativity going and going for a long time.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blog Halloween Welcome Banner

Halloween Welcome Banner Blog
I have had a lot of problems getting this DecoArt Project posted due to my laptop went bonkers and the desktop is just to old and slow to try to do anything  any more except store pictures and write letters.  
This was a fun project to do I really like making banners, I have made them for years in scouts, vacation bible school, and communion banners, banners for the balloon lift of in our small town and for advertisement when I had my store. I have used all different types of material and paints. 
I used the new American Neon's on my Gelli pad and the colors used were  :  Torrid Orange, Thermal Green and Scorching Yellow. I really like the brightness and the texture of this new paint I have used other neon paints and not gotten the same brightness and softness as with these colors. They get a high 5 from this helping artist.  

 The top two photos are the print I pulled from the Gelli Plate I used a Cover a Card Stamp called Halloween. It gave a great impression I did it at different angles and I use a heavy poster board for the banner it was a larger than my small gelli plate and you will see the end results below the pictures of the completed banner and a close up of the stamps I used and the distressing with the Tim Holtz distressed Inks.  I also painted the wooden banner and small wooden pumpkin in American paint the black is the new Multi surface Satin Black I liked the coverage but I found out you do not use as much water with this new paint as I do with the original Americana paints. I works great if you want to use it for a stain effect with added water. The small pumpkin was painted with the neon Torrid Orange and a good two coat coverage and a smooth finish when dry and a neon look. Love Love it.


This project will be posted on my Facebook page and Also in my window for Halloween.
Sharon Estes, The artist Lady at Granny's Korner Studio, Sharon's Favorite place.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blog My seasonal mixed media journal

Seasonal Journal Mixed Media
Page one is the first season I am starting with and that is Autumn.
It is October in Missouri and our leaves are just starting to turn colors and falling to the ground .
As I was walking the other day I noticed some unusal looking leaves and I picked them up and put them in my pocket and though I can add these to a journal page I just added a background to.
So I decided today on October the 15, 2013 I would officially start and finish my first page in the journal.  I found my poor leaves all dried and curled and I was afraid they were wasted and would not work so off to the studio I headed with camera a coffee and leaves in hand and this is the finished product from start to finish.

This was the first time I ever used the Gelli Plate and this is my first printed background you may have seen in my earlier posts that I have used the second pull from the plate to do a challenge in a group I belong to.  Oh what a fun experience I had  I was using my Americana Paints, and they were Celery Green, Burnt Orange, and Golden Straw, and Tangelo Orange.  I placed all the paint on the pad and way to thick was my first mistake and when I used my brayer the colors were thick and blotchy. So I used a quilt plastic stencil for cutting leaf pattern  and made a deep impression in the background.  So after a few days of air drying the heat gun didn't do the job this time.
I was able to fill in the negative spots with some pastel chalks for the look of blue sky and added a couple of stamps one was a fancy leaf design and the other was a French oak leaf and acorn design with a beautiful quote so I embossed them with the embossing pad and used a deep green embossing powder and they looked like velvet.   My next trial was how to get the dried leaves on the page. I succeeded with the use of decoupage and more decoupage and some weights to hold them on the page. While they were drying I made a tag from some scrap paper in my stash and wrote the quote on it so you could read it.
The Quote reads:   Quercus Sobato
                        The mighty oak wears it leafy colors as a lofty crown....
When the leaves dried I attached a precious metals flower from Prima Flowers and used some Tim Holtz distressing ink black soot and distress it to look old and dried.
It still need something else so I looked though my stamp collection and found a Halloween Block Stamp soft backed for card making and uses the corner of it to add some extra design to the blank spaces.   I am proud to be out of my box as far as this mixed media goes it is fun to just set and play with all the goodies you have stored in pretty boxes and bags and drawers.  You never have a plan it just come as it comes.  As my mother says" by the seat of your pants. go for it."
Thank you for coming and viewing my first experience  with my new journal and Gelli Plate I will be blogging  more about the Gelli Plate and the great American paints in my next blog tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blog What I like about Autumn

What I like about Autumn
Autumn in my words are: cool lovely weather, beautiful colors of the trees as they turn from bright shades of green to oranges, reds, browns, burgundy's. I love setting on my deck and looking at the hills behind my house and see the seasons change. It is such a peaceful time.
I was given a challenge in a group I belong to and was asked the question and how to express it in an artistic way, by words, paint, colored pencils or any other media we chose. 
I chose my mixed media style today and tried to express what I like about this time of year and I called it Fall Leaves, Love to watch the leaves turn colors.  Here goes my version of Autumn in my first blog: 
I used the Gelli Plate for the first time and this is the second print that I used for my project. My colors were Decoart: burnt orange, Golden Staw, Tangelo Orange and celery green I uses the Brayer to smooth the colors on the plate and my first print will be discussed in the next blog as it has not been finished yet it will be the first page of my New and first Journal Book
What my gelli plate looked like after the first print was removed and this is the Print I used for this project.

This is the finished mixed media page when I finished with all my stamps and doodling. I used the negative space for sky
and leaves, I doodled in small falling leaves  using the negative space I used my pitt pen and  some chalk pastels, to do this method.  I used my Friskers fancy edge cutter to go around the edge of the paper to give it a fancier look and I may add it to a canvas I have on my work table who know where this page may end up by the end of autumn.

These are all the supplies I used  to work on all this project I did not use the embossing ink and powder it will be used in the next project.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Home Estes Family Reunion

  What a great reunion the Estes family had on Oct 5, 2013
We celebrated two birthdays and ate a lot of fish had a thunderstorm and still had a great time.
We also decitated this day to our Parents James and Mary Estes, with out them we would not have these great reunions we have not had one in a long time it was a regular to have one in the summer and on Grandma Marys Birthday in March.
The Watermelon was her special treat for the family when we got together so Brian, her grandson found a huge one for all to share with delight.
Here is our Watermelon to start the day right.

This is Brian Estes, the grandson of Mary, and He is our nephew and the main fisherman and fish fryer . The picture below is Jerry Estes (orange shirt, Birthday Boy 71 yrs. ) his brother Ivan Estes and hiding in the back ground is Britney Estes, ( daughter of Brian and our great-great-niece)
The last picture is Tim Estes and he is the Brother of Brian Estes and our nephew.
This is all that is left of the Estes Boys.
OOpa almost for got my own Son Ronald Estes setting in the background hiding and then we have Uncle Don Seabaugh (Brother-in-Law married to Hester (estes) sister to Jerry and Ivan.
This is the Male Estes group that showed up and ate and ate and guarded the fish pot.
Now we have the ladies of the Estes Family and they were afraid of the rain and retreated to my Kitchen where they could keep a close eye on the food and have a good time with conversation.  *wink*
Top picture is Cathy (seabaugh) Thomas,niece,her Mother Hester (estes, daughter of Mary) Seabaugh, and  next to her is Martha Estes, wife of Tim Estes and Daughter -in-law to Helen Estes
This picture is of Cindy (estes) Hulett in yellow Jacket fixing a beautiful vase of flowers and brought the birthday cake which pictures were not taken we photographer was to busy eating all the goodies,
We have Courtney (hulett) and Mason Audrain 2ys grandson of Cindy and great grandson of Helen Estes Cindy and Brian and Tim's Mom.
Then there is Connie (terry) Arnold (daughter of the late Vesta Terry,
  sister and daughter of Mary)granddaughter of Mary and our Niece.
In this picture we have a table with a lot of lovely women, One is my Mother Ann Paschal 89 yrs old, and Winnis (Katie) (Estes daughter of Mary). An then Helen Estes our dear sister-in-law of the late Justin Estes.

Then came time for the Watermelon and all was eaten and we had a fantastic day .
Happy October Birthdays and We love you Grandma and Grandpa Estes.