Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Paris Romance Dream Canvas

Hello blogger friends, it has been a while since I have had time to Blog.
This Blog is for Decoart Blogger and I  am using all Decoart paint products and my embellishments were from my own stash.   I am so happy to see Andy Skinner and Tracy Weinzapfel become a competing team.  I have loved the steampunk style for a long time and I am loving the way they are now using both styles in their art for Decoart.

I have decided to do a Steampunk Style Canvas Using some of the Mixed Media Paints from Decoart (thank you ).   There will be list of products at the end of the blog.

How did my idea for this canvas come to mind was I am doing a lot of Dreaming of How Romantic Paris can be for an Artist.   I am doing a collection of work using many mediums such as paper, paint and anything else that pops into my mind.

This will be a short tutorial of the process I used with all these great products.

Paris Romance Dream Canvas:
 This is the process I used I use a blank gessoed canvas and Mixed media paint to paint the background of the canvas .

The second step was to use dimensional past to add texture to the Andy Skinner Stencil. The with another stencil I used white mixed media paint and a sponge to apply the paint. The name of stencils I used were Baroque and French Element.

After the back ground was dry I applied all the chipboard elements from Creative Elements that I painted to look old and rusty using a mixture of the mixed media paints.
This has been a fun project.,

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Why did I choose this word for 2016?  I am going to make my next year a year of   JOY.  I take great JOY, in my blogging , my work with using the Decoart products the past 20 years and learning to share the new products with everyone.
I have JOY, with my family I have been blessed in the last year with a new granddaughter in law, and the wonder 2 children and the new little Nolan, born in November.  I have JOY, in my new studio set up and the great pleasure of having my special painting partner join me when she is able, we have a great JOY, in the studio and in September their will be a new little blessing arriving to bless our studio a future artist. :)

I have been gone for a few months as life became so hectic for me.
I am now going to be blogging at least once a month to show you how to use and share Deco Art products.  I have been busy redoing my studio.
I had to downscale and purge and move from a lower level studio in my home to a studio on my main level due to some health issues with my legs.  

I have had a new great grandson in November and he has been the highlight of my live got to spend a lot of time with him, before the family moved to Oklahoma.

Ustream has been a new friend for me and I have some super streamer friends which I will also be sharing some of the great things I have learned from them.
I will be able to use my great Andy Skinner stencils in some of the great journal work and I am going to be using some canvas  work this year.

Time to get busy in the new studio, watch for upcoming photos of the before and after pictures of Shadee Designs in Grannys Korner Studio.

Sharon Estes
now known as Shadee.
another upcoming story...:)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Update On What is Going on at Grannys Korner Studio...

I know I have been so far behind on my blogging .  I have been busy with projects that need to be posted and helping my husband who has some health issues, and waiting on a brand new baby in our lives.  Noah Estes, we are waiting for him to arrive on November 2nd and he will be a great addition to our family, this will make me 4 great grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren...WoW family sure does take up our time, it is a never ending circle..Called the Circle of Life.
 That has you brought up to date on my life and now some of my work to show you.

This is a small canvas that I did with the new Decoart Mixed Media paints, and used a lot of my epheme  to decorate it in a steampunk style.  
This is a practice card on watercolor paper using the Decoart paint watered down to watercolor consistency.  These are fun and simple to make,

Now that is enough teasing for today and I will bring back more with my new fall designs .

Happy Crafting
Sharon Estes.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blog: #90 days of blogging #13 Pocket Letters

This was the a great challenge swap in my group Mixing It Up Everyday.
We swapped Pocket Letters with friends in the group.

What is a Pocket Letter You Ask? 
It is a number of ATC cards  size 3.5x2.5. You start with a card holder binder it can be any amount of pockets.  You make it a Theme ours was About Your Self.
There are many ways to set the front pockets up you can cut up Scrapbook paper to a complete theme page, you also can Gelli plate your cards, or paint your cards the ideas are endless. You Tube has a lot of videos on how to assemble your pocket letter. Inside the pockets you can add small little treasures for the person. and decorate the outside by adding small trinkets, ribbons, trims. 

I received my pocket letter this week from a dear friend Betty Holcomb, and the theme was Garden.  I will showing you in pictures the Pocket letter and how she put hers together for me, and it was just awesome and greatly appreciated.

My Gift of a Pocket Letter.

This was the back side of the package that it came it was all sticker and washi tape.  So cute.
These are all the goodies that were inside my pockets, Coffee, gummy worms, a cute scarecrow, Washi tape, gourd seeds, stamps a personnel note and much more.  

A great surprise inside the package Stickers.
The letter was wrapped up in the lovely Yellow Hand towel with my favorite blue birds. 
 OH My look at all the goodies on the side of  this letter. Baby clothers pins, a cute little birdie
and a bird house and love the beads, and a key.. So much creative fun with this letter.
Thanks Betty Holcomb...

Happy Creating,
Sharon Estes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blog: #90days of blogging #Day12 What is happening in Grannys Korner Studio

Work in my Dylusion Journal a little sketching.

It sure is nice to have some time to work in the studio for a while this month.
Things have slowed down in my hectic life.  I am going away for the weekend not phone no internet no laptop. Just fun and games and wine, and food.  With my wonderful husband.

In a group I belong to has been talking about graphite pencil drawing, and I so want to learn to draw my designs I see in my head.  I have been sketching in my journal and these are what I done this week.  It is so much fun to sit in my easy chair and work with my pencil and journal, I was really surprised at the out come.

Grab your pencil and try drawing.  Follow my journey with my sketching.

Happy Crafting
Sharon D. Estes.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Blog #90days of blogging, #11day The Travel Journal by Sandy Beach (Vicki) M

I have had a lot fun playing in the Travel Journal by Sandy Beach(Vicki) for Australia.  Vicki is a dear Facebook friend I met about 3yrs ago and we belong to a lot of groups together.  Mixing it up everyday group the journal was made by Vicki and started traveling around the United States, and Canada.
I am posting my page I did in the journal and it will be going to the state of Washington, and a pocket letter will be given to the friend who will do her page.
Pocket Letter Headed to Mary Kay in Washington.
My Journal Page.
Happy crafting
Sharon Estes.

Blog Mini Watercolor journal #90days blogging # day 10

Why I have been MIA, on the 90 day blog.. The Month of June has been very busy for me It is my Birthday Month and Mom has had a lot of doctor appointments and at the age of 91, she needs me to take her and talk to doctors.
I have been working in the studio and will be blogging some of the projects I have done. So keep coming back for more great art.

This is a Little Watercolor Journal, I did for Helmar Glue and the complete instructions are here on this blog. 

Step 1. I used chipboard for 
and with the Helmar Decopauge Paste I added the scrapbook paper on the inside and outside of the back cover and the inside of the front cover.
 Step2. I picked out my Creative Embellishments in a collection of gears and butterfly, they are chip board and they were gesso and then I used Deco Art Mixed media acrylic and I made a spray by diluting the paint and putting in a mister bottle. I then sprayed the chipboard embellishments.
 Step 3. the front cover was made with a new stencil from decoar and the mixed media crackled paste when that was dryed, I used a stamp from my stash collection. Then I painted the crackle with the mixed media fluid acrylic and wiped with a baby wipe. and the center was painted with the mixed media fluid acrylic and wiped down with a baby wipe.  When dried it was covered with the decoupage paste from Helmar.  This gave it a look of cracked leather. Holes were then drilled thru the heavy chipboard front and back and was ready to assemble.

 Step 4, I cut watecolor paper the size to fit into the journal and punched holes to match the cover. and used a piece of yarn and weaved through the holes.
 Step 5 and final step: adding the embellishments on the front of the cover and I used the Butterfly and gears.
What a great little 4x6" travel journal with watercolor paper or paper of your choice. Enjoy your little journal as you travel outside to paint.

Happy crafting
Sharon Estes